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John Pearse® Violin Strings

“I love these strings. They are by far the warmest synthetic string made today,” declares an “Artiste” set player.

Violin strings are available from John Pearse in two different sets - the “Artiste” set and the perlon set.

The “Artiste” strings were developed by John Pearse himself in the 1990’s to more closely simulate the characteristics of gut strings. A unique molecular bonded material allows these strings to take and keep a strong torque. This enables greater projection and an immediate response from the strings much like gut strings. The E string is loop end.

“I love the warmth and sweetness of these strings and feel they are better than comparable synthetics. I play bluegrass and old time and need to use alternate tunings. Artistes hold up to the abuse of retuning. The E string does not squeak when played open as some popular synthetics do. I have used Artiste only for 6 years. Great strings,” states a happy violinist.

Perlon core wound and silvered plain strings are featured in the perlon set. These wound strings are another synthetic alternative to gut strings.
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