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Jargar Viola Strings

Since 1956, Jargar viola strings have been a favorite among amateur and professional viola players. Jargar viola strings feature a flexible steel core for easy bow response, and the winding is composed of thin threads of aluminum, copper and different metal alloys. The viola strings produce a powerful, distinct and well-balanced tone. The G and C strings feature silver upper winding which produces a gut string sound and provides more sensitivity and richer overtones. A feature that sets Jargar strings apart from the industry, Jargar viola strings are hand-wound. The meticulous care put into each set helps produce the brilliant warm tone, and the flexible steel core allows for the excellent responsiveness and stability. To accommodate personal tastes and instrument characteristics, Jarger viola strings are available in three tensions. Blue is the medium tension strings, Forte (red) is the high tension, and Dolce (Green) is the low tension. With an excellent reputation spanning over six decades, Jargar is able to combine a quality sound with playability and stability.
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