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Infeld Red/Blue

Infeld strings, covering the entire tonal spectrum, were designed with identical tensions. This allows you to use a Blue or Red set or to combine different Blue and Red single strings to achieve your best sound without the issues of uneven string tensions. The Infeld Blue strings have a powerful projection and brilliance, while the Infeld Red strings have an impressive, but warmer and expansive tone often preferred by soloists. On our website you will find both the Blue and Red sets and all the Blue and Red Infeld single strings for building your own custom sets, assured of equal tensions from string to string. The Blue E string is tin-plated carbon steel, while the Red E string is gold –plated chrome steel. Wound on an advanced synthetic, composite core, the A and D strings are hydronalium wound. The G string also has a composite core with a silver winding.
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