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Helicore Heavy

D’Addario’s Helicore strings, heavy gauge, provide increased projection and a fuller sound than the medium or light gauged Helicore strings. Although Helicore violin strings are known for their warm, mellow tone, especially when compared to other steel core strings, the heavy gauge further helps balance the tone of a particularly bright instrument. Featuring a multi-strained steel core and a narrower diameter, the Helicore violin strings provide an exceptionally easy bowing response, and the heavy gauge will not compromise the strings’ playability. Helicore Heavy strings are available for full scaled violins, and players have multiple choices on high quality winding to accommodate an instrument’s sound and player preference. Sets are offered with a plain or wound E. Single strings from both sets are available, as is the choice a titanium wound or aluminum wound A string. Helicore strings are shipped in a corrosion resistant packaging from certified dealers, and it is recommended to be wary buying from uncertified dealers or auction sites.
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