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Helicore Violin


Multi-strand twisted steel core strings are superb for the advanced and professional player. The small string diameter provides quick bow response. Special manufacturing techniques give the Helicore strings a warm, clear sound with excellent pitch stability and longevity.
D’Addario’s Helicore violin strings feature a multi-stranded steel core, providing easy bowing response for optimal playability. The stranded steel core gives Helicore strings a smaller, overall diameter allowing for more flexibility and tonal versatility than a solid steel core. Developed to accommodate the playing needs of a wide variety of violinists, Helicore strings produce a clear, warm tone with a powerful projection. The steel core is unaffected by temperature or humidity changes providing long lasting durability and helping to retain intonation. Helicore strings are available in a number of high quality metal winding options. Helicore violin strings are available in six playing lengths, from 1/16 to full scaled violins, and are offered in medium scale in light, medium and heavy tensions. Manufactured in the United States and held to the highest quality standards, Helicore strings are shipped in a corrosive resistant, sealed packaging, ensuring your strings arrive in pristine condition.
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