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Helicore Medium

Learn about the D'Addario Helicore viola strings at Just Strings. We have their medium tension strings which offer a clear, warm tone and optimal playability.
Most violists prefer medium tension strings, and our D'Addario Helicore medium tension viola strings are designed for the needs of most players. D'Addario's Helicore strings are made with multi-stranded steel core wire for a warm, clear tone and superb playability. The smaller diameter of the string allows for quicker bow response time. D'Addario has been a leading manufacturer of strings for various instruments for over 300 years, and their expert workmanship and innovations have produced a superior quality string that is known for its pitch stability and long life. These strings will satisfy the most discerning musicians. Regarding the choice of string tension, medium tension strings will generally perform well for a variety of instruments. However, the choice of string tension will also depend on the qualities of the particular instrument. Your viola might require a heavier gauge for a more powerful sound, or a lighter gauge for a faster response and more delicate sound. You shouldn't be afraid to experiment with different thicknesses of strings to find the gauge that works best with your instrument.
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