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Helicore Heavy

Find high-performance strings for your viola at JustStrings.com. We have premium D'Addario Helicore Heavy viola strings for greater volume and projection.
If you're looking for more punch from your acoustic viola, our D'Addario Helicore Heavy viola strings will give you just what you're looking for. Made with multi-stranded steel cores, these Helicore strings are easy to play while giving you a warm, clear tone. Heavy tension strings are ideal if you want to project your sound further with greater volume. The possibility of a fuller sound may have a small tradeoff in bow response time. If this is a concern, you might want to try a medium tension string instead. However, if it's volume and projection you need, a heavy tension string is the way to go. Your actual sound and the ideal string gauge will also depend upon the individual characteristics of your instrument. Some violas might benefit from a thicker gauge to give more power, while for others a heavier string might dull the sound. With our low prices, you can feel free to experiment to find the correct string gauge for your instrument and your style of playing.
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