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Electric Bass Guitar Hard Rockin' Steel Single Strings

Back in the 1640s in Italy, the Mari family hand-crafted gut strings for violins, guitars and lutes, and became experts in the art of string manufacture. Over 350 years later, what is now La Bella Strings combines technology and tradition, still using hand-winding when it makes sense, along with sophisticated computer-controlled machinery and modern materials. The result is a superior-quality string that benefits from several generations of string-making expertise. We are proud to offer their famous Hard Rocking Steel stainless steel round-wound strings to our discriminating electric bass customers. With their Hard Rockin' Steel, La Bella proves that time-tested tradition and good old-fashioned know-how produces a quality product. Their strings are prized among players in all genres for being flexible for bending, and as having sustained notes with a bright, long-lasting tone. These high-performance strings are available in gauges ranging from .012 to .140, at our great low prices. Use these as replacement strings or experiment by creating your own custom sets.
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