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Hannabach Classical Guitar Strings

With more than 140 years of experience in string manufacturing, handmade Hannabach classical guitar strings are greatly respected by musicians all over the world. A few of their many professional endorsements include Brazilian guitarist Marco Vasconcellos, composer/guitarist Malte Vief and world guitarist Hucky Eichelmann. They all speak of a warm balanced tone, perfect intonation, rich upper registers and pristine clarity. These are also very durable strings that will retain their tonal quality for a long time.

The Hannabach classical Carbon Trebles are made from carbon fiber, which produces a crisp sound in the upper tones, clear projection and a longer sustain. The strings have a clear surface, and are thinner than regular nylon with the same tension.

The 725 Goldin series are medium high tension, and are available as full sets, basses only or trebles only. The treble strings are made from super carbon, giving them a warmer and softer sound than standard carbon. The bass strings are wound with GOLDIN (also called TOMBAK), which is a high-quality brass with about 70% copper content. It looks like gold but has no gold content.

The 728 Custom Made line of Hannabach classical guitar strings feature precision trebles, and the basses are made from high density wire round wound with silver plating. They are available in high or medium tension.

The most popular Hannbach classical sets are the 815 Silver Specials. They are available in five different tensions. These strings feature clear nylon trebles and silver-plated copper wound basses. The bass strings are specially coated to resist corrosion. They are also available in eight and ten string sets.

The 825 Gold Plated sets have polished gold trebles and pure 24 carat gold plated bass strings, which protects against corrosion and extends the lifespan. These strings are recommended for players with allergies or skin sensitivities.

The 827 Flamenco sets have polished gold trebles and round wound basses featuring silver plating and a protective coating that resists corrosion. These, like many models of Hannabach classical guitar strings, are available as full sets, bass sets or treble sets, all in various tensions.

The special sets of nylon strings for Terz guitar (830), alto guitar (836), quint bass guitar (840), double bass guitar (841) and children's guitar (890), which are shorter scale strings for student instruments. The Precision Smooth Polish PSP (850) strings are recommended for recordings, as the polished wire eliminates finger squeaks. The Silver (200) series includes bass strings that are wound with silver plated wire for extra durability.
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