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Hannabach Strings

Hannabach makes a wide variety of strings for classic guitars. We carry several types of Hannabach classical guitar strings as well as Hannabach octave guitar strings and Hannabach requinto strings. Just Strings offers 6 different tensions of Hannabach guitar strings; they are the only company to offer their classical sets in six different tensions: Super High, High, Medium High, Medium, Low and Super Low. This depth of choice allows you to find a string perfectly suited to your playing style and your instrument.

Hannabach Carbon Trebles come in a separate pack of 3 strings (G, B, e) that can be combined with any Hannabach bass set (E, A, D) for the unique tone of carbon strings. These Hannabach classical guitar strings are bright and articulate and have long life. Hannabach 725 Goldin classical guitar strings have Super Carbon trebles, which sound warmer than their standard carbon trebles, and basses wound with their Goldin alloy, giving you a clear, brilliant sound. Hannabach 728 Custom Made classical guitar strings are hand made for professional players. The 807 Bronze Polished Hannabach strings have a polished surface to reduce finger noise.

Hannabach 815 Silver Special are the most popular Hannabach guitar strings. Their silver plating produces a bright, clear tone and makes them a good string to start with if you are trying Hannabach for the first time. Hannabach 825 24 Carat Gold plated strings are plated with gold for superior tone and corrosion resistance. Hannabach 827 Flamenco strings are designed to stand up to the rigors of flamenco playing. They have good tone and durability. Hannabach 850 Precision Smooth Polish strings have polished surfaces that reduce finger noise; they are perfect for high-fidelity recording. Hannabach 900 Silver 200 classical guitar strings use their special Silver 200 plating to produce beautiful tone. All Hannabach strings are of the highest quality.

Hannabach also makes a number of specialty sets. Hannabach 830 Terzguitar strings are for tuning up one third to (G, C, F, B, D, and G). They are for 54 cm scale length instruments. Hannabach 836 Requinto strings are designed for (A, D, G, B, E, A) tuning. Their 840 Quint Bass Guitar set is for bass instruments with 70 cm scale length; tuning: (A, D, G, C, E, A). Hannabach 841 DoubleBassGuitar strings are for bass instruments tuned one octave down (E, A, D, G, B, E). Hannabach 890 ChildrenGuitar strings are for short scale children’s instruments; they are available in both 58 and 59 cm scale lengths.

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