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Hannabach Classical Guitar Flamenco Guitar Medium Tension, 827-MT

Hannabach Classical Guitar Flamenco Guitar Medium Tension, 827-MT
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By Roy B.
Not great but not horrible
May 2, 2018
First off, this set has orange trebles. . .I didn't know that when I bought the $20 set. They also are a little floppy feeling compared to ProArte of similar tension. . .and they don't have the clarity and projection of either Luthier 20 or the ProArte brands. They are not horrible but not what I was expecting. They are just a little wimpy.
By Poncho
Hannabach Flamenco
March 30, 2017
The Hannabach Flamenco 827-MT, which I have used for more than 10 years, have proven to be durable -- important given my propensity to be heavy-handed -- and have excellent intonation. I will add that my Pedro de Miguel guitar seems to perform best with these. Other, brighter-sounding strings cause it to buzz, and they don't project as well as the 827-MTs, which is important when accompanying dancers. The sound is bold and earthy, at least on my guitar.
Please note that these strings may be medium tension compared to the other Hannabach Flamenco strings, but overall, they are well into the high-tension range when compared to "non-flamenco" classical strings.
My only caveat is that several strings from the last set I put on popped while the guitar was in the case, which had never happened before. It may have something to do with a new saddle, but only time -- and a trip to the luthier -- will tell.
By Senhorguitar
Sorry Guys
March 16, 2012
Hate to disagree with these reveiwers but I have to say something negative about these strings. I have now used two sets and in both cases I have had something happen that has never happened before...a string broke while the guitar was sitting in the case. This has happened on both sets. The most recent time occurred just about 1 week after the strings were put on new.
I also want to say that the sound of these strings is rather unspecatcular. The trebles are dull and the G strings is a real dud. Additionally the D and G strings delivered a very abnormal buzz when played. It appeared to me as if the were buzzing against the bridge but then I did not get too much of a chance to check it out. I won't be buying these anymore for my flamenco guitar.
By Bill W.
Hannebach 827
May 26, 2010
These wonderfully sonorous basses bring wonderful sustain and projection to my 1971 Frank Gay flamenco guitar - a unique instrument using dense western red cedar for the deck, and without a truss rod, therefore only suitable for use with medium tension strings. Moving from the fr north of Canada to the wet west coast, the Hannabach strings endure the humidity difference with stability and tonal acuity. Great Strings...I also use the high tension units on my 1976 Manuel Rodrigues!
By robertoflamenco
February 28, 2010
By far my favorite string after years of experimentation.






1st E

Gold Nylon



2nd B

Gold Nylon



3rd G

Gold Nylon



4th D

Silver Plated Wound



5th A

Silver Plated Wound



6th E

Silver Plated Wound




Hannabach 827

" Designed for the flamenco aficionado, these fine strings give a very brilliant sound, and have a well burnished bass string to help preserve fingernails. The polished gold trebles are slightly more brilliant than standard clear nylon. The basses are long lasting silver plated wound. Available in low, medium, high, and super high tensions."

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