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Guitarron Strings

La Bella Guitarron Strings
With a literal translation meaning large guitar, the guitarron is a large, deep-bodied bass guitar that is traditionally played with mariachi groups. Although the guitarron is similar to a guitar, it’s actually a descendant of the Spanish bajo de una instrument and has no frets on its neck. Due to its large size, the guitarron is able to produce an audible bass sound with no amplification, even in larger mariachi bands. Popular in Andean regions and Mexico, guitarrons feature six strings. The treble guitarron strings are typically nylon wound on a nylon core, while the lower bass strings are brass wound on a steel core. La Bella’s guitarron strings feature A, D and G nylon wound (on a nylon core) strings and C, E and A brass wound (on a steel core) strings. This design provides a clear and powerful projection needed for the bass strings, while the nylon produces a subtle, warmer tone for the treble strings.
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