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Wound by hand, the Pirastro Gold viola set is the product of six generations of expert, traditional craftsmanship. The Pirastro Gold string set features a sheep gut core that produces a traditionally warm, rich tone. For increased response, the A string is aluminum wound, the D strings is silver plated aluminum, and C and G strings are wound with silver. Unlike unwound gut strings, the winding helps minimize twisting and delayed bowing response. The winding also provides brightness to the warmth of the gut core, creating a balanced tone among the set. Pirastro Gold viola strings are popular strings to us when introducing gut strings to students and viola hobbyist. The faster bowing response aids students when familiarizing with the lower tension. Pirastro Gold viola strings are also an affordable quality gut core string set. Considering the complex gut string tones, the robust and bright sound, and quality craftsmanship, Gold Label viola strings are a remarkable value.
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