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GHS Twelve (12) String Guitar Strings

“SIMPLY MARVELOUS!!” is how a delighted player describes GHS’s 12 string electric “Boomer” set. The set features nickel-plated steel, “Dynamite Alloy” round wound strings for brightness and punch, and comes in light or extra light gauges.

GHS acoustic 12 strings sets come in Bright Bronze, Vintage Bronze, phosphor bronze, silk/steel and bronze/steel. Bright Bronze sets, in three different gauges, are made of specially tempered 80/20 copper-zinc alloy wound over a hex core to give an extra brilliant tone. Vintage Bronze sets, in two different gauges, are 85/15 copper-zinc alloy over a hex core for a rich, warm tone. Phosphor bronze wound strings are an alloy of copper, tin and phosphor over a hex core giving a tone both lush and bright that last a long time. The silk and bronze strings are velvety to the touch due to their exclusive silk and steel hexcore with a phosphor bronze wrap. Silk and steel strings use silverplated copper wrap over a silk and steel core for a smooth feel and sweet tone.

The phosphor bronze set “produces a clear, clean, well-rounded sound. The highs are not harsh, and the lows are not booming. They feel extremely comfortable under my fingers.” reports a confirmed user.

The GHS silk and steel set impressed this user with their velvety feel and longevity. “The feel is soft as butter and they've been on about 12 months now and still sound like magic. Went through a few brands to get the right string. Changing strings on a 12 string is a pain, so getting a good long lasting string is simply the way to go.”

GHS has been manufacturing strings since 1964 and builds all the machinery used to make their strings in house. String winders are computer managed for superior accuracy, but the human touch maintains quality. GHS prides itself on the excellence of their materials and the consistency of their manufacturing. Musicians worldwide rely on the quality and reliability of GHS strings.
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