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GHS 7 and 8 String Guitar Sets

A seven string version of GHS’s famous “Boomer” series - classic, roundwound, nickel plated, steel core wire power strings. They are offered in two gauges, light .009 - .058 and medium .010 to .060.

“I've been using seven-string guitars for several years now. I've tried different companies who offer seven-string sets. GHS has been the best by far. The tone and strength of the strings are excellent for those who play metal! If you want great quality at a low price, you can't go wrong here!” says a satisfied customer. Also, a pleased player reports, “Always full of tone and hard to break. When kept clean, hold their tone for a long time.”

GHS has been manufacturing strings since 1964 and builds all the machinery used to make their strings in house. String winders are computer managed for superior accuracy, but the human touch maintains quality. GHS prides itself on the excellence of their materials and the consistency of their manufacturing. Musicians worldwide rely on the quality and reliability of GHS strings.

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