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GHS Pedal Steel Guitar Strings

“Boomers”, SuperSteels, and Nickel Rollerwound are all available in GHS sets for pedal steel guitar. Their signature “Boomers” strings are a classic, nickel plated steel wire power string. The SuperSteels are stainless steel wrap and stainless steel hex core giving a bright tone & high volume. The Nickel Rollerwound strings give the pure nickel sound of original rock n' roll and the warm tones of blues and jazz. They are slightly flattened for a smooth, comfortable feel with just a little extra tension. A customer calls the PF550 set “Perfect.”

Another says of the ST-E9’s, “No problems they performed flawlessly. Sound bright and full of sustain! I am very happy with the freshness of your strings I will be back for more items in the future.” Also, “I have been using the GHS SuperSteels for about 10 years. I believe they are the best sounding strings for any one of my three pedal steels. When I change a set of strings I seldom if ever need to make a pedal or knee adjustment to my nylon tuners. I have tried other strings in the past to compare, and I always come back to the GHS SuperSteels. I love the service I get from Just Strings, and I believe they also have the best prices.”

GHS has been manufacturing strings since 1964 and builds all the machinery used to make their strings in house. String winders are computer managed for superior accuracy, but the human touch maintains quality. GHS prides itself on the excellence of their materials and the consistency of their manufacturing. Musicians worldwide rely on the quality and reliability of GHS strings.

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