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GHS Oud Single Strings

GHS Ground Nylon D, .022, OP22
Price: $3.52
Sale: $3.17
GHS Ground Nylon A, .029, OP29
Price: $3.52
Sale: $3.17
GHS Winter Silver E, .025, OW25
Price: $7.80
Sale: $7.02
GHS Winter Silver B, .029, OW29
Price: $7.80
Sale: $7.02
GHS Winter Silver A, .033, OW33
Price: $7.80
Sale: $7.02
GHS Winter Silver G, .040, OW40
Price: $3.89
JustStrings.com offers GHS Strings’ single strings for the oud, a plucked, short-necked lute regarded in the Arab world as the “king” or “emir” of musical instruments. GHS packages its oud strings in an 11-string set. The strings for the 1st and 2nd “D’s,” and the 3rd and 4th “A’s,” are manufactured from clear nylon; the strings for the 5th and 6th “E’s,” the 7th and 8th “B’s,” the 9th and 10th “A’s,” and the 11th “G” are silver-plated copper wound around nylon. The pear-shaped oud is the principal musical instrument in the Arab world and some African countries, as well. It’s also well-established in Turkey, Iran, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Oud strings from GHS Strings serve this ancient instrument exceptionally well. Specialists at GHS, which was founded in Battle Creek, Mich., in 1964, apply craftsman-like care to each aspect of string design. The machinery used to manufacture GHS strings is built by the company in-house, and all their equipment is state-of-the-art, reflecting a singular devotion to the excellence of their products.
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