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GHS Guitar Single Strings

GHS Strings started as a small, family-owned and operated business in 1964. With almost 50 years of string-making experience, they've grown to be one of the most respected manufacturers in the world. Their products are regularly used by the music industry's biggest stars, and have been endorsed by musicians such as Eric Johnson, Flea, David Gilmour and Laurence Juber. We have GHS guitar single strings in many different styles. For acoustic guitars, White Bronze strings are magnetically active for both electric and acoustic players, and the material guards against corrosion, especially in humid areas. The Bright Bronze series strings are made from an 80/20 copper-zinc alloy on top of a hexagonal core, which produces an especially bright tone. If you're looking for even more brightness, consider the Contact Core Bright Bronze series, which uses 80/20 copper-zinc with a special process that leaves exposed wire near the end of the string, causing it to resonate longer. Their Infinity Bronze is specially coated for enhanced tonal quality and extended life. The Laurence Juber Signature strings feature a cryogenically treated alloy that is wound over a hexagonal bronze-plated core wire, for a full, rich and long-lasting tone. Other styles of GHS single guitar strings for acoustic instruments include phosphor bronze, silk & bronze, silk & steel and vintage bronze. We also have single strings for classical guitars. The La Classique series has nylon trebles and round wound basses for a smooth feel and precise intonation. The Vanguard Classics strings have basses constructed from a smoothly wound pure nickel wrap wire and nylon trebles. These long-lasting strings are designed for minimal finger noise and consistent tone. GHS produces many kinds of electric strings. Among these are Brite Flats, which are made with their special metal alloy, micro-ground to a smooth and flat surface. This helps the strings retain a brighter tone. Their lightly polished Burnished Nickel strings put forth a warm, rich vintage tone. The Lock-End (Floyd Rose type) series are round wound and have no ball ends. This allows them to fit into the lock system of Floyd Rose and other similar types of tremolos. There are many other varieties of GHS single guitar strings, such as Special Dynamite Alloy, Sub-Zero Boomers, Progressives and Super Steels. For every playing style and personal preference, we have the strings you're looking for.
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