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GHS Boomers single strings are available here: Boomers Singles.

Roundwound Nickel-Plated Steel

GHS Boomers electric guitar strings are among the most popular electric guitar strings available. They are made with a round nickel plated steel wrap wire wound on a steel core. This combination produces a long lasting, bright and powerful tone. GHS Boomers strings are their most popular electric guitar strings. GHS makes available an astounding variety of sets in their Boomers line. GHS Boomers guitar strings come in just about any gauge combination you could possibly want from. You can get Boomers in a regular .010 - .046 set or in any gauge from the .008 - .038 ultra light set to an extra heavy 013 - .056. GHS is also one of the few companies that make half gauge sets with their .008 ½ - .040, .009 ½ - .044 and .010 ½ - .048 Boomer sets. GHS Boomers are especially good for any style of music where a bright tone is required, such as country, metal, pop and rock.

GHS Boomers strings are made at their state of the art factory in Battle Creek, Michigan. GHS uses a simple process to make strings using the right equipment and experienced string-makers. GHS Boomers guitar strings are made on computer aided string winding machines that control the variables of the string winding process to ensure that they’re the highest quality strings possible. After winding, GHS Boomers are closely inspected and then hand coiled before going into GHS’ special corrosion resistant string envelopes. This ensures that you get the finest strings possible, in the same condition they were in when they left the factory.

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