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GHS Electric Guitar Strings

Just Strings offers a variety of GHS electric guitar strings. Their most popular sets are the GHS Boomers electric guitar strings, GHS Burnished Nickel guitar strings and GHS Nickel Rockers guitar strings. We carry those and the rest of the GHS electric guitar strings line: GHS Brite Flats, GHS Big Core, GHS Coated Boomers, GHS Compound Nickel, GHS David Gilmour Signature Series, GHS Infinity Steel, GHS Lock End (Floyd Rose) Boomers, GHS Precision Flatwound, GHS Progressives guitar strings, GHS Reinforced Boomers, GHS Sub-Zero Boomers, GHS Super Steels and GHS Heavyweight Boomers.

GHS Boomers are wound with round nickel plated steel wire on steel cores. These GHS guitar strings are made for passionate players who need power and performance from their strings.  GHS Strings calls the nickel plated steel wrap used for Guitar Boomers “Dynamite Alloy.” Dynamite Alloy Boomers are the industry standard guitar string.  Boomers have a long lasting, bright and powerful tone. GHS Boomers are GHS’ most popular GHS electric guitar strings. Boomers are suitable for blues, country, metal, pop and rock music.

GHS Roundwound Pure Nickel strings are wound with round pure nickel wire on steel cores. GHS Roundwound Pure Nickel strings produce a vintage style warm tone. They are also polished slightly to achieve a smooth playing surface, making them very comfortable and good for players who like to bend.

GHS R+ series Rollerwound Pure Nickel strings are wound with pure nickel wrap on steel cores. These GHS guitar strings have pure nickel wrap that is flattened slightly by special rollers during the string making process. The GHS R+ Rollerwounds have plain steel G strings. GHS Rollerwounds sound bright and feel great. Eric Johnson’s signature strings are GHS Rollerwound.  GHS also makes an “SRV” set, the 1300. It has the special gauges Stevie Ray used: .011 - .058. GHS Rollerwounds are also available with wound thirds in the 1315, 1400, TM1500 sets.

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