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GHS Precision Flatwound

GHS bass guitar flatwound strings offer a traditionally deep and warm tone due to the unique cross-winding manufacturing process. The stainless steel flat wrap is made of highly magnetic material to optimize volume, output and strength. The wrap wire is then polished with micro-silicon beads for enhanced finger ease, longer durability, and to reduce fret and finger noise. GHS precision flatwound bass strings are known for their bright sound right out of the package, which is comparable to Warwick nickel electric bass strings. Flatwound, GHS strings also soften into a more consistently warm, “broken in” tone. For electrical bass guitar players, the GHS_3020 Precision Flatwound strings are manufactured to the same rigorous standards as the flatwound electric guitar strings and offer the same flatwound qualities. The ultra-light electrical strings have an ultra-magnetic, flatwound wrap on a steel core that produces volume and sustain. The GHS 3020 precision flatwounds also provide the smooth, satin feel and finger-ease that flatwound strings are known for. GHS bass guitar flatwound strings are manufactured in environmentally regulated facilities under controlled temperatures, and humidity-reducing packaging ensures GHS strings stay fresh and don’t corrode.
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