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GHS Electric Bass Guitar Strings

Click here for GHS Electric Bass Guitar Single Strings.

Not sure what length you need? This might help: Bass String Lengths by Manufacturer
GHS offers more types of electric bass strings than any other brand in the JustStrings.com catalog – roundwound, flatwound, pressurewound, tapercore, contact core, double ball and coated strings in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, nickel and phosphor bronze and in a wide price range.

Following is a list of GHS electric bass strings shown from brightest tone first to mellowest tone last:

Contact Core Super Steels – extra thin segment near the ball end for a brighter tone

Super Steels - stainless steel wrap and stainless steel hex core gives bright tone & high volume

Taper Core - Rene Martinez strings made of nickel/iron alloy for tone & durability

Progressives - blend of premium core wire and "Filament Grade Alloy’ to produce a big tone

Bassics - economically priced, excellent bass string

Boomers – classic, nickel plated steel wire power string

Sub Zero Boomers - cryogenically treated

Coated Boomers - outstanding extended performance life with powerful tone

Pressurewound Flats - made to increase your brightness & flattened to reduce finger noise

Brite Flats – brilliance with ground roundwound strings, easy on your frets and fingers

Tape Wound – warm, classic upright bass sound & great for jazz or blues

Precision Flats - traditional deep percussive tone with volume, durability & smooth finish.

GHS has been manufacturing strings since 1964 and builds all the machinery used to make their strings in house. String winders are computer managed for superior accuracy, but the human touch maintains quality. GHS prides itself on the excellence of their materials and the consistency of their manufacturing. Musicians worldwide rely on the quality and reliability of GHS strings.
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