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GHS Cuatro Strings

JustStrings.com offers cuatro single strings from D’Addario and GHS Strings. As its name suggests, the cuatro is an instrument with four strings. D’Addario offers its cuatro strings in a choice of two sets. One of them is a set of four, black-nylon strings; the other is a set of 10 strings, which includes five pairs of plain, stainless-steel strings and five pairs of silver-plated strings. GHS Strings offers the Puerto Rico 10-String Ball End Silverwound 10-string set, which contains a set of five, plain-stainless-steel strings and five silverwound strings. A direct descendant of the Portuguese cavaquinho, the cuatro is popular in South America. It’s typically heard in ensembles playing melodies for singing and dancing in Columbia, Jamaica, Mexico and Surinam. It’s also the guitar of choice for calypso singing in the island of Trinidad. But the cuatro isn’t just a staple of festivity. In Puerto Rico and Venezuela, it’s featured in ensembles playing religious music. D’Addario was founded in Italy in 1680; GHS Strings is an American company founded in 1964. Both produce strings that are excellent choices for your cuatro.

“Great strings!” reports a pleased player. This Puerto Rican cuatro set has ten silver wound and plain steel strings with ball ends. The cuatro is in the guitar family and is often used to play music from South America and the West Indies. The Portuguese Cavaquinho is its 15th century predecessor.

‘I own four Puerto Rican cuatros, and in value and durability these are the best strings I have used. Instruments keep perfect tuning at all times. Very pleased with the strings,” says another customer.

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