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GHS Classical Guitar Strings

Three series of classical guitar strings are offered by GHS, plus a Muriel Anderson signature set and Doyle Dykes signature set.

The Classic series has Tynex nylon trebles and silver/copper basses – the industry standard for classical strings. Choose tie end basses for a brighter tone or ball end basses for a mellower tone and easier installation.

The Vanguard series has Nylon Supreme trebles and Smoothwound pure nickel wrap basses. These strings are very long lasting and greatly reduce finger noise and tone loss.

LaClassique sets feature Nylon Supreme trebles and Winter Silver basses. Pure intonation and a smooth feel are produced by this combination. The ground trebles are excellent for ensemble performance!

A Classic series player says, “I think I've played close to every brand of classical strings on my Petros Nylon Crossover, and these are possibly the all-around best. The nickel winding is great because it does not tarnish as does the customary silver winding. And I appreciate the smoothness of the wound strings--nearly eliminates string ‘zip’ noise, especially when the guitar is amplified. The trebles could be a bit brighter, but all in all, I think I'll stick with these strings.”

A Muriel Anderson signature set user comments, “I've tried carbon fiber trebles to get more power and sustain from a classical guitar. The trade off was a stiff feel and a very bright sound. These titanium trebles sound and feel like nylon but with more power and sustain. The G string transition is flawless. These are the best classical guitar strings I've tried so far.”

Another Muriel Anderson string player says, “The treble strings of the set are made from titanium alloy to last longer and improve the strings' clarity. In addition each treble's knob end is uniquely designed to prevent slippage while changing strings. The winter silver basses are made in GHS's factory in Michigan and have a perfectly balanced tone. They are standard high tension classics, with the 6th string slightly higher tension to accommodate dropped tunings”

A La Classique customer states, “These are great strings - responsive and resonant. The wound 3rd string helps to fill out the sound of my guitar. These are the only classical strings I use. I just love these strings, I got my first set in 1987 I think, and I still love them!”

Another La Classique player says, “This is the best for electric classical.”

GHS has been manufacturing strings since 1964 and builds all the machinery used to make their strings in house. String winders are computer managed for superior accuracy, but the human touch maintains quality. GHS prides itself on the excellence of their materials and the consistency of their manufacturing. Musicians worldwide rely on the quality and reliability of GHS strings and accessories.

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