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Find your next set of GHS Custom Shop acoustic guitar strings inside our shop. GHS Custom Shop guitar strings provide you with a choice of strings that will bring the best out of your guitar and playing style with special gauges. We offer the following GHS Custom Shop selection: GHS Acoustic Guitar Bright Bronze Nashville High Tuning, .011 - .020; GHS Gypsy Loop End Guitar, .011 - .045; GHS Acoustic Guitar Rollerwound Bright Bronze Semi-Flat Extra Light, .011 - .044; and GHS Acoustic Guitar Rollerwound Bright Bronze Semi-Flat Light, .012 - .054. The artisans at GHS, which was founded in Battle Creek, Mich., in 1964, apply craftsman-like care to each aspect of string design. The machinery used to manufacture GHS strings is built by the company in-house, and all their equipment is state-of-the-art, reflecting a singular devotion to the excellence of their strings. If you’re interested in uncompromised quality in your acoustic guitar strings, you will find few better options than the ones in this collection.
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