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GHS Electric Bass 4 String Pressurewound Long Scale, 34" scale, 37.25" winding, .044 - .102, ML7200

GHS Electric Bass 4 String Pressurewound Long Scale, 34" scale, 37.25" winding, .044 - .102, ML7200
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By Martin
Excellent set of bass guitar strings
November 16, 2022
Strings came as advertised. Put them on my fretted Fender Jazz.
Nice tone and sound great. Not a clunker in the package. Good choice. Fast shipping and product arrived in excellent shape
Nice tone No bad strings Good feel on fingers None so far.
By Nathan
Love this gauge and love the strings
November 7, 2022
I play a wide variety of music and these strings allow me to find a more traditional "flats" sound while also digging in and getting a sound akin to broken-in round wound strings. And they last a good long while!
Long lasting, even sound. The usual for pressure wound/half wound strings. Not round wound and not flats might not work for some folks.
By Brad H.
Billings MT
Great strings
October 5, 2022
Great strings, really good string to string balance. Not as dull as a flat wounds, and not as bright as round wounds.
By Ray
Montevallo AL
Ghs pressurewound
March 20, 2022
Best strings for decent brightness but powerful flat wound like thump. Always consistently high quality. Great tone.
Versatile strings that can cover vintage as well as modern sounds. None.
By Derek S.
Great bass strings...
October 16, 2021
After much searching over many years, I finally discovered these pressure wound strings by GHS. They truly are the best of both worlds - they sound and react like a round wound string, but they feel more like flats on your fingers. Smooth and easy to play. Easier on your frets as well. JustStrings had the best price on these by a wide margin with very fast shipping. Will buy again
By Tony
Never disappointed.
June 3, 2021
Good price. Cheaper than buying local. Underrated strings. Fast delivery.
Nothing else worth saying.
Good strings and value for money. Wish they made a 100 gauge set but 102 is pretty close.
By Jake C.
Santa Clarita, CA
Smooth and Loud
May 27, 2021
I wanted to try these on my Fender Precision after reading that they were smoother than rounds but still had that round wound sound. That turned out to be true. They feel great under my fingers but still have the crunchiness that you like from round wound strings. But what I wasn't expecting was that they actually make my bass louder. I read somewhere that's because of the magnetic coating they put on the strings. I haven't quite broken them in yet they still have some raspiness but I'm pretty sure that will lessen the more I play them. Very happy with these strings.
By John D.
Fayetteville, Arkansas
GHS Pressurewound Long scale bass stings
May 10, 2021
I'm using these strings on a Strandberg Boden Original 4 string playing all styles of music.
Great string for me! They perform!
Versatile! Great life! None @ this moment.
By Dave
Beaverton, Oregon
GHS Pressure Wounds: Best Strings Ever Played
November 11, 2019
Over thirty years of bass guitar playing I've tried almost every brand of round wounds and avoided the hybrid flat-rounds, as they seemed like the worst of both types. But the GHS Pressure Wounds were recommended and I gave the a try with amazing results.
I found that these strings have great snap and sustain, and lower string noise typical of round wounds. Somehow, GHS has designed a string that lets me play anywhere on the neck with the same volume and texture, making a compressor unnecessary. While the medium light 4 string set is flawless, my one complaint about the medium 5 string set is the B string seems a little too unresponsive, kind of dull. So I buy the 4 string set and add a B from another maker
By Larry
Brillion, WI.
Pressure wound strings
October 2, 2019
I personally enjoy these strings because
they give me a good bottom end and a bit of bite on the top end. Almost roundwound sounding, without the fret wear.
By Mel
Los Angeles
great strings!
October 2, 2019
I've been using Pressurewounds on my P-basses & Jazz basses for years. Great blend of roundwound growl & flatwound thump. They hold their tone through many rehearsals & gigs. I've tested other brands, but I keep coming back to GHS Pressurewounds.
Great tone, easy on the frets, easy on the wallet none
By Crazy J.
Awesome strings!
January 6, 2019
I had bought a set of these back in Aug.,2018 I couldn't remember where I got them.I in a panic was looking every where I could think of,because the ones I had where worn plum smooth out.I finally found them at this site ordered 2 sets. These are the most awesome strings I have ever played in my life. They sound and look like a round wound BUT they play like a flat wound.They are so cool when I walk my bass in a country or a gospel song I hear ZERO rip.They are so smooth and make playing that Fender American Pro Jazz Bass a bunch of fun again and that is what we are all looking for. Thanks, Y'all john
Sound Feel Response They Are All Good NONE
GHS Pressurewound ML7200 .044-.102
November 22, 2017
Love the sound but feel too stiff!
The really do fall right between rounds and flats.
The rich tone is very usable and makes it very easy to tweak the controls of my Fender American Elite Precision.
The output and feel from string to string is very well balanced if you are concerned about the uncommon gauges.
Unfortunately, the tension is way too stiff for my taste but great for tuning down one-half step.
I spoke with GHS and they have no interest in adjusting the tension.
By Jim T.
GHS Pressurewound
February 20, 2017
My go-to strings for more than 20 years. Bright without harshness, feels good under my fingers, doesn't chew up frets.
GHS pressurewound
February 17, 2016
I have been using these strings on all of my basses for at least 25 years. Nothing else will do.
By Al F.
My Ibanez sounds great now!
July 9, 2015
I have an Ibanez SR300L bass, and have been trying one type of string after another, but never could get a tone I liked. The search has now ended! These strings sound great on that bass! I had read about these strings a number of times, and folks have said they are in between flat wound and round wound, but I disagree. They sound like round wound with almost no squeaks. In fact, I really have to try to make them squeak to really hear it. To me they sound bright, but not harsh, and a nice overall tone. Until these strings arrived, this bass seemed to sound "thin", for a lack of a better term. Now it sounds really good, even on the G string, even on higher frets. Now I have to try these on my Squier VM Jazz bass, not because that needs to sound better, but because it just might sound better. I would be surprised if it didn't, and will soon find out. Excellent strings!
By Glenn
Great tone!
February 21, 2014
The best characteristic of these strings in their unique tone. I have not heard any other string that gets the sound that these strings do. I'm posting this because I am re-ordering them now!
By Matt
GHS Pressurewounds
August 12, 2011
I've used Brite Flats for years and these are my new favorite. They are truly the best compromise between flats and rounds. I tend to not like the clank and harshness of rounds and these strings sound better the longer they stay on. They mellow out to almost a flatwound tone but with just enough bite when you need it. My Rickenbacker has never sounded better!
By Dean K.
GHS Pressurewound Bass Strings
March 16, 2011
Following Dave Pomeroy's advice (see his video on GHS website), I decided to try these strings. They are a wonderful alternative to both flatwounds and roundwounds both in feel and sound. Like Dave, if I had to settle on one set, it would be these. Fortunately I don't, because I also love GHS Precision Flatwounds, Boomers, and Brite Flats. They're all great strings. Couple that with the excellent price and service given by juststrings.com and I'm left with no reason to shop elsewhere.
By Don
Bass String Review - ML7200
March 17, 2010
I can wholeheartedly recommend these strings for several key reasons:

Just bright enough to give clarity and definition without the 'buzz'. The nickel coated outer wrap provides a great magnetic signal to the pickups...warm/rich, great sustain. Because of the round core, these strings flex to give a bit 'softer' feel, less invasive on the fret wires and finger tips.
By Billy C.
GHS Pressure Wound
August 14, 2009
I have used these for years, low fret wear and reasonably bright, smooth playing surface and quiet through headphones






1st G

Nickel/Iron Rollerwound



2nd D

Nickel/Iron Rollerwound



3rd A

Nickel/Iron Rollerwound



4th E

Nickel/Iron Rollerwound




"Made with round nickel/iron alloy cover wire slightly flattened in the winding process. Bright-sounding, great feeling strings for any playing style."

GHS Strings


"GHS Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality strings for fretted instruments. GHS produces strings for electric, acoustic and classic guitar, electric bass, banjo, mandolin, and a wide array of specialty and ethnic instruments. From Battle Creek, Michigan, USA (where GHS was founded in 1964), fresh-from-the-factory strings and music products are delivered direct to retail stores in the USA and to distributors in over 70 countries around the world.

With over 200 standard sets and 700 single strings, GHS has a set that is right for you.

String Design

The string specialists at GHS bring a craftsman-like approach to each aspect of string design. From material selection to such intricate factors as core-to-cover ratio, winding direction, wire tension and alteration of the wire, GHS designs state-of-the-art strings that enhance the sound quality of all playing styles and instruments. And with ongoing research, GHS develops string innovations that anticipate music trends and instrument modifications worldwide.

String Manufacturing

To build a quality product, state-of-the-art equipment is a necessity. At GHS, all strings are made on machinery designed and built in-house. The GHS design engineers utilize the latest technology to develop computer controlled string making machines that monitor such intricate parameters as the number and type of twists on the ball end, winding speed and direction, core and cover wire tension, cover wire angle and wind length. Modern quality control methods ensure that the final product meets GHS's rigid specifications.

Factory Fresh

GHS knows that you want your strings to be as fresh as the day they were made. All GHS facilities are environmentally regulated to control temperatures and humidity. Sensitive raw materials and bulk products are further wrapped in protective bags for storage. Coiled strings are placed in string packets that, in independent laboratory tests, have proven to offer the optimum protection from humidity. Finally, the GHS swift order shipment (usually within 24 hours of order placement) guarantees that GHS strings arrive in your retail store factory-fresh.

How String Material Affects Tone and Feel

The hardness of common materials used in the cover wire of strings affects both the tone and "feel" of a string. Usually, with all else remaining constant, the harder the material the brighter the string. This relationship shows why stainless steel produces a very bright sound and nickel, a softer material, produces a warmer sound. However, a hard material can be abrasive to both fingers and frets. At GHS, our unique "Alloy 52", used in Progressives and White Bronze strings, is softer and less abrasive than a stainless steel but produces a tone almost as bright. Common cover wire materials include (ranked by order of brightness) stainless steel, Alloy 52, nickel plated steel, pure nickel, and for acoustics, brass and bronze.

The core wire for all strings and all plain steel strings (both acoustic and electric) are made from tin plated Swedish steel."



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