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GHS Classic Guitar - Smoothwound La Classique high Tension Muriel Anderson Signature, Nylon Trebles / Rollerwound Winter Silver Basses, MA2390

GHS Classic Guitar - Smoothwound La Classique high Tension Muriel Anderson Signature, Nylon Trebles / Rollerwound Winter Silver Basses, MA2390
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By Robert
San Bernardino, CA
Finally, a decent length D string
September 5, 2020
Have you noticed lately that a lot of classical guitar sets have D strings which are short in length and, as a result, are difficult to string? Well, no worries with this set. The D string is plenty long to make stringing a breeze. I have six and seven string guitars and the D string fits perfectly on all my guitars. Plus, they sound great. Thank you Muriel for putting these strings on the market. And, thank you for giving away a set of these strings as a door prize at one of your concerts. If I hadn't won that set of strings I would have never known about them.
By S R.
Muriel Anderson Signature strings
December 1, 2013
I have built 3 nylon string guitars and found these strings to be superior in tone to others I have tried. On all 3 guitars, I was ready to give up on them tone-wise until I tried these. These strings brought the guitars to life. I can't explain it - the other strings were the Pro Arte Hard Tension and Pro Arte Titantium. I will skip the experiment and go straight to these in the future.
By Marc S.
Sweet strings
October 3, 2010
I've tried carbon fiber trebles to get more power and sustain from a classical guitar. The trade off was a stiff feel and a very bright sound. These titanium trebles sound and feel like nylon but with more power and sustain. The G string transition is flawless. These are the best classical guitar strings I've tried so far.
By Allen M.
September 27, 2010
The strings are awesome! I actually got my set from Muriel. They have great sustain and wonderful tone. They also maintain their tone for an extended period of time which saves money. Definitely give these strings a try. You won't be disappointed!
By Michael J.
GHS Muriel Anderson MA2390
April 27, 2010
I've always like GHS strings and these did not let me down. They play very easily, are clear and produce a sweet tone with good sustain. The bass strings are what would be considered "hard" and the trebles are "normal" tension. Some guitars really like the combination, especially those with cedar tops. Spruce tops might prefer a set of hard strings all the way across (but make sure it won't affect your neck). GHS takes the time to melt the ends of the strings to form a ball and provides stringing instructions. One strange thing... after a month of playing the E and B trebles would raise in pitch while playing for a while; in lieu of lower in pitch as strings usually do. Not a problem, just different. Maybe the bass strings are relaxing which causes the trebles to raise as the neck straightens out (the trebles are softer strings). Dunno. Good strings; worth a try.
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