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GHS Electric Bass Pressurewound 5-String 34" Scale, .044-.128, M7200-5

GHS Electric Bass Pressurewound 5-String 34" Scale, .044-.128, M7200-5
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14 Reviews
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By R C.
Santa Cruz CA
Basses Come Alive
December 20, 2022
I put these on both of my electric fretted basses and they have never sounded so lively. All these decades later and I didn't even know these existed. Even the B string was lively and all the strings are equal in volume & tone across each string. Amazing!!!! No flat spots or dead strings with these.
Thanks GHS
By Ken
Great strings
April 24, 2022
Just put these on my Ibanez SR405 and wow. My bass came to life. Very even volume and tone from top to bottom. In particular I finally have an articulate B.
By Jodie H.
San Diego Ca.
1/2 round wound strings
June 11, 2021
I’ve been playing bass for over 50 years. Both upright and electric. As time goes by I go through spurts of a lot of electric gigs and then upright gigs. Years ago I decided to do my electric gigs on fretless for an easier transition, and I never really worried about fret wear. Last few years my electric bass gigs have been mostly fretted electric bass. Fret replacement is expensive so I searched for a nice string that wouldn’t eat up my fret board and frets. Also long lasting tone, flexability and easy on my fingers. These strings solve this problem for me. I Love them!
Nice round wound sound with out the string noise. I have them on all my fretted and fretless electric basses. Not always in stock at local stores, but just strings always takes care of me with good price and customer service.
By Jim
Brunswick GA
Excellent strings
June 7, 2021
I love these strings. Firm, but not too stiff. Quieter under the fingertips, without feeling like a flat wound. Strong fundamental tone, with low end punch and clear, singing trebles that are never harsh. These strings are a perfect balance between flats and round wounds in my opinion. I foresee these staying on my Stingray 5 until they wear out. My bandmates noticed and commented on the difference in tone.

I also want to say huge thank you to Juststrings.com. My order arrived damaged by the shipper. I emailed Juststrings.com and received my new order within a week. I can't recommend Juststrings.com highly enough
Excellent playability Punchy lows Clear highs Clear fundamentals without overtones
I've never bought GHS strings routinely.. that may have just changed
November 9, 2019
Great sounding big low 'B'. Most .125 - .130's don't have strong tone AND long sustain.. this one certainly does. Each string seems properly 'sized' for the frequency it's producing.. Nice!
many none
By Chris
Great strings
October 4, 2019
Plenty of punch and smooth on the fingers. Perfect!
By DenverKen
Love 'em!
September 30, 2017
I started using these almost exclusively late 2015. I tried a couple of other brands since, but not for long. I come back to these every time. Even tone across the entire 'board. Very mellow but that's what works for the styles I play, which is mostly blues-based stuff.
By Dave S.
GHS M7200-5
August 21, 2013
Got a set of these PW strings for my Lakeland 55-02 and am still amazed I didn't hear about these strings sooner! Have been using Marcus Milller strings for 5 years and thought I was happy, but the GHS really woke me up. I can now play across the neck with equal tone and clarity, even on the B string! Greatly reduced the string-to-finger noise also. Note: Lakeland 5 string is 35" scale and yes, the B string was barely long enough (c'mon GHS, one more inch of string won't break the bank!), so I'm giving the PW's 4-Stars for this reason only. The tone of the strings is so even I'm ordering another set for my Warwick Fortress 5 (which is a 34" scale).
By Russ
GHS Pressurewound 5's
July 28, 2011
I love these strings. Beautiful playability, great sound, everything I was looking for. Hated the Elixir's that came with my bass, they had a huge tone difference from the low strings to the high, these solved that problem. Plus they last!!!!
By george
GHS Pressurewound 5-string bass strings
June 6, 2011
We (my wife and I) could immediately hear improved note/tonal clarity and resonance after replacing our daughter's factory strings on her bass. Surprisingly our daughter, the bass player, said she couldn't really tell a difference. Aah... as they say, "youth is often wasted on the young." Regardless of what our 14-year-old says, these are clearly superior strings.
By bassguy
love these strings
May 16, 2011
I have these bad boys on my cort curbow 6 (which is fretted by the way) and I couldn't be happier. There boomy kind of like a flat but still retain almost all of the brilliance of a traditional roundwound. The string tension to me seems perfect, i used to like dr lo-riders and it is slighly less than that. They seem to have a surprisingly long life to them too, I really didn't know what to expect and i kinda just bought them on a whim and honestly they are incredibly. I highly recommend these strings.
By BassMent
Agree on this choice for fretless
May 11, 2010
I also have an EBMM SR5 (with piezo bridge), and after trying DA and Ken Smith halfrounds, DR Sunbeams and a couple of other brands, I came upon these GHS Pressurewounds. Call off the dogs, the hunt is over!

These strings provide the perfect balance between zing/mwah and fingerboard kindness. They have a smooth feel, enough tension for my taste (not super tight like LoRiders, but not floppy either), and work great with the piezo pickup on my 'Ray. With judicious use of eq and muting techniques, I can even get a pretty decent ersatz upright tone.

Obviously, if you're looking for the darker, more thumpy tone that flats provide (e.g., the DA Chromes), you won't be interested in these strings. However, if you're wishing you could use roundwound strings on your fretless but are afraid of digging trenches in your fingerboard, these are the strings to try.

I have been through several sets of these, and have never had an unresponsive B string.
By BassMent
Ideal for fretless
April 21, 2010
These really sing on my Stingray 5 fretless. They have more bloom and sustain than half-rounds, but less finger noise and fingerboard damage than roundwounds. The B string feels comfortably tight on a 34" scale neck. Plus, they seem to retain their tone for a really long time. I've been playing fretless bass for over 30 years, and these are my favorite strings by far.

BTW, a pressurewound string is not really comparable to a flatwound like the D'Addario Chromes. Different design, different engineering, different manufacturing technique, different feel, different tension, different tone, different purpose. If you're after a flatwound sound, you won't like these GHS strings. If you're trying to get close to a roundwound sound without the disadvantages, you will love them.
By Lane T.
Ehhh, just go with Daddario chromes...
April 17, 2010
Chromes are smoother and brighter.

The B on these was dead.
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