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GHS Electric Bass 5 String Precision Flatwound 34" Scale, .045 - .126

GHS Electric Bass 5 String Precision Flatwound 34" Scale, .045 - .126
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By Jonathan W.
Perfect replacement for Joe Osborn Signature strings
October 30, 2022
Tracked these GHS Flats down as replacements for some Joe Osborn Signature strings I needed for my Lakland bass guitar which I had trouble in sourcing as now discontinued. Seems they were in fact rebranded GHS flats as the very helpful people at Just Strings (Dave Cowles, thank you) confirmed. The strings were delivered very efficiently to me in the UK and are perfect replacements.
Excellent customer service and would thoroughly recommend. Will definitely be reordering some more when the need arises.
By Dvbssman
Good Sound & Feel But Some Quality Issues
October 26, 2022
Happy with the selection, prices, and delivery of Juststrings. The GHS Precision Flats perform well but the quality of the winding could be better.
Sound good with that old school ?thump?. More smooth feeling to the touch than most other flat wounds. Reasonable price. Not as polished surface as LaBella Deep Talking flats and some other brands. The quality of the wound near the ball not as good as others (see attached photo) but it doesn?t seem to affect the sound. Also note the gap in the wound of the D string is looser than both the A and D string (shown in the attached photo).
By Michael
Kalamazoo Mi
Great Strings
March 18, 2022
I Have been playing Bass Guitar professionally for over 63 years. Over the years I have used various manufactured strings (tape, round wound, bronze, steel, chrome and flat wound from other manufactures. I use GHS flats for years on my 5 and 4 string guitars. Great string at fantastic price. If they didn't produce the sound (punch to deep bass resonance) I would be playing on something else.
Price, Feel, Sound I haven't discovered any in the many sets that I have purchased.
By Mark
GHS Flats deliver the TONE!
August 12, 2021
I love these strings! Smooth powerful strings that last a long time. Flats don't put out much finger/string noise, allowing for lots of TONE with out having to turn the volume up as much. (Read: Better signal to noise ratio) Not a crazy price for these either. Really, really great strings.
Professional sound. No string/fingering noises...less tension and long lasting. Flat would strings have a little less definition.
By Bill
My fingers feel better already!
August 1, 2020
Great strings for flat wounds.
By Jim B.
Lansdale, PA
May 19, 2020
This is my first time going to flatwounds on a fretted bass, but I'm very glad I did. I have been using them on my fretless bass so as not to tear up the fretboard, but they do some great things on a fretted bass as well. I always found that the general clanginess of the roundwounds could get annoying depending on what I was trying to play, particularly with the low B-string. These strings cleared all of that right up, giving me a purer tone and a much better finger feel. The other reviews mentioned having issues with the length of the low B string. That was not an issue at all on my 34" scale 5-string Jazz Bass, in which I could still string through the body and had about 3/4" between the end of the nut and the silk. I could see that for anything longer than 34" scale, it could be an issue.
Great feel on fingers; nice purer tone without being dominated by the clangy overtones (at least, that's true with my technique). Having to consider buying another bass to still have one with roundwound strings for when I want to scratch that itch.
By Jeff
Best Feel, Sound AND Value I've Found In A 5-String Flatwound Set
January 3, 2020
I just put these on a Gibson EB-5 and it feels like that bass was made for these strings! (With its passive wiring & classic lines, it has a decidedly old-school vibe to it.)
The response to me is somewhere between the extra-flexible Thomastik and the extra-rigid Labella Deep Talkin' flats. Both of those approaches have their ups and downs - this feels to me like a good middle ground approach.
My expectations were modest - for the strings and the bass - but on the gig last night it exceeded all hopes. I could get as much twang (with a pick) or rumble (with the thumb & the tone knob) as I wanted with no difficulty whatsoever.
The low B held up well - better than with the D'Addario roundwounds that were on there previously. It seems to want to get hit hard for best effect. (More of a thumper than a growler, which suits me for Blues & Country.)
Overall I couldn't be much happier and under $30 is a total steal for a flat 5 set.
Value, Feel, Sound Wish I'd discovered these, 10 years ago
By Kerry
GHS Flatwounds
January 27, 2014
I recently purchased these, and really like them. They have a more earthy tone. The only issue was the low-B was a bit too short (as the previous reviewer stated). I called GHS and was told I should order the M3050X-5 set instead, as they have a longer winding length. GHS is sending me a replacement string anyway. I'll be buying these strings from now on.
By Kraig
GHS Precision flatwound five string set
August 13, 2011
I'm a flatwounds guy. I tend to experiment with different brands on my four string basses because of cost and availability. I usually come back to GHS manufactured flats. When I string up a bass with rounds the field is much more open to other brands, but for flats the GHS has been my favorite so far. Hat tip to D'Addario Chromes, but not quite there.

I've used other five string flats that I think are GHS manufactured and I could get these for half the price and I didn't have to get in my car to get them. This bass is 34" scale, but only strings through the body. The B string was a bit too short and it required a call to GHS to get the right one. No cost, so kudos to GHS!

The strings themselves live up to my expectations. As stated, GHS makes my favorite flats. It's hard to find five string sets of flats, so I'm glad to have gotten these.

I'll give them five stars because they're the best flat wounds I've found, because I've paid twice as much for OEM'd GHS strings with no discernible quality bump and because they corrected the only issue I had with them at no cost other than the phone call.
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