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GHS Electric Bass Black Nylon Tapewound, .050 - .105, 3060

GHS Electric Bass Black Nylon Tapewound, .050 - .105, 3060
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22 Reviews
77% (17)
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9% (2)
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18% Recommend this product (4 of 22 responses)
By JDelaney
Burlington NJ
GHS black tapewounds
February 11, 2022
I have them on six basses, they must be good!
Perfect tone, smooth as silk. Red tapewounds would be nice.
By Christopher K.
Awesome strings
May 1, 2021
Great fit and finish! Made my cheap Squier PJ playable! Great feel and tone!
By Eric B.
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Great Strings
December 23, 2020
Possibly my favorite tapewound bass strings. Dark with plenty of thump but still retaining clarity of the note. Decent harmonics as well. I have them on all of my fretless basses.
By Bob
Product received, as described.
August 1, 2020
I received the right product, GHS Bass strings, black nylon tape wrapped. They sound great, feel great, even my rock-n-roll brother in law liked them! I put them on an acoustic bass guitar.
Smooth feel and sound, no finger squeeks. none, for me.
By Mark G.
GHS 3060 Tapewound (4 string)
August 6, 2014
Everything I read said "don't use tape-wounds on an acoustic!" Glad I ignored all the sage advice, lol. I put a set of 3060's on my Tacoma (fretted) and when this set wears out, I'll put on another set.

With the 3060's, this bass sounds as close as I'm likely to get to an upright bass - which is exactly what I wanted.

My quest for the perfect bass string is over....
More tension PLZ
January 8, 2014
The strings sound great in any situation you would use flatwounds... They are basicly bright flats that have a tape wind around them... They sound good on my fretless... however they have lower tension so I had to loosen my truss rod and raise the g and d string at the bridge... Also be advised... they are fat at the tuning pegs so you may have to mod the string or your tuning pegs... be careful if you chose to mod the strings as they can unwrap...
By Tom
GHS Black Tape Wound
September 10, 2011
Put these on a 1977 fretless P-Bass.
They feel great, and sound better. Smooth, fat, warm tone.
Nice tension, highly recommend.
By Mike C.
GHS Tapewounds
August 19, 2011
I only use GHS strings on all my bass guitars. For my fretless these provide the punch that I need without getting too muddy. I play with fingers and pick and these are standing up very well to the heavy picking.
By bassguy
ghs tape wounds
July 22, 2011
I had to try these out on one of my P's and they sound great. They are tape wound rounds and they are really thumpy. Also they are black which visually is appealing to me but to each their own.
By Fjadams
3060 Tapewound
July 10, 2011
I've used these on almost every bass I've owned since I first strung them up on my '67 Starfire in '68. Any product that one has used for over 40 years has to be a good one. For me it's foremost the tone. I get exactly what I want "All thump, no twang". Then they last for ever, rarely go out of tune, feel great and look good. Just wish they made them in a short scale version, so I could put them on every bass I currently own, and take off the Flatwounds.
By Greg
Nice sound and feel
May 6, 2011
I love these strings. They sound and feel great on both electric and acoustic bass. Unfortunately I had a couple problems that are not the fault of the strings. First I put them on my electric but the shielding wasn't up to it. I was getting constant buzz. I'd also ordered a set of ground wounds so I took the tapewounds off my electric and put them on my acoustic. I guess the ball ends were a little bigger than on the bronze wounds that came on it an they cracked the bridge. it's still playable (sounds great in fact) but I will have to deal with it at some point (and with the shielding on my electric.)
By Garryl
Awesome strings
April 18, 2011
These are fantastic. These don't feel wobbly or floppy at all on my Schecter bass. Very tight feel, actually, which I like. Very punchy, thumpy, bright, and clear. Great strings for any style, highly recommended.
By Sprywalrus
Product Reviews for GHS Electric Bass 4 String 34'' Scale, .050 - .105, Black Nylon Tapewound, 3060
February 11, 2011
As with the brite flats, a sumptuous sound.
Horrible feel, so flabby/wobbly, nothing for the left hand to grip/feel. Very easy to bend by mistake. Probably better at 35"/36" on a 5 string.
Feeding them through the bridge takes off a fine layer of nylon. Do they do heavies?
By Augustus W.
GHS 3060 Black Nylon Tapewound Bass Strings
November 27, 2010
Like the other reviewers i love these strings [along with the TI JF144's] and have found them to be quite versatile when it comes to what instruments i can use them with.
Yes they are more in keeping with the upright bass in terms of response and the lower tension is a plus with the old truly hollowbody basses [e.g. Framus, Hofner,and the 60's/70's Japanese clones].
But I also love that after looking at other Black Nylon Bass strings [LA Bella, Fender, RotoSoun] these have proven to be the most consistent and cost effective choice.
By J J.
GHS Black Nylon Tapewound 3060
November 22, 2010
Played on a Fender acoustic/electric bass, these strings are smooth and give a nice upright sound when played through an amp.
By Bill C.
GHS Bass Strings
November 14, 2010
These strings sound more like the Old upright bass with a deep fat bass sound without much sustain. They cost a little more than rugular strings but well worth it if you are looking for that type sound.
By William K.
GHS Black Nylon Tapewound
April 20, 2010
These are my fretless go to strings. They are on all of my fretless basses.
By Sammy
GHS Black Nylon Tapewounds 3060
March 11, 2010
I usually play on Thomastik-Infeld Flats but other then that these are the strings I use. I feel they sound best on my Sterling by MusicMan SB14 ("squier/epiphone" version of a stingray). They feel real smooth and have a nice pounce at the right EQ. OVERALL great string, mostly for a fatter and bigger sound.
By Doreen O.
February 21, 2010
I really like the strings I purchased. I would recommend them to any one else.
By Buddha B.
GHS 3060
February 11, 2010
Other than TI JF344 flat wounds, these are my OTHER go to strings. I love these on my fretless. I can still get a good punch and pop and retain a smooth, mellow sound. I love these GHS 3060. Be careful when cutting the ends. They do tend to unwind if you keep taking them off and putting them back on.
By Jim G.
Great for Electro-Acoustic Bass
December 29, 2009
Put a set on my Acoustic Bass Guitar. No more finger noise and they sound great! I plan on trying them on a few other basses.
By William K.
GHS Bass Black Nylon Tapewound
November 11, 2009
These strings have a wide sound spectrum.
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