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GHS Electric Bass Black Nylon Tapewound 5-String, .050 - .130, 3060

GHS Electric Bass Black Nylon Tapewound 5-String, .050 - .130, 3060
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By Dan F.
Arkansas, USA
Comfortable strings
May 11, 2022
I put these strings on a fretless bass, and they feel and sound smooth as silk! I highly recommend them.
By Randy S.
Good Nylon Tape Bass Strings
May 11, 2022
Replaced Roto 88s with these. A bit more lively. Great to use a USA product. I will be back...
Full diameter winding to the ball end on the B. These hold tuning and intonation very well. My only regret is that I didn't find these sooner.
By Wall-E
Great Choice for near Acoustic tone
September 3, 2011
Put these on my Godin A4 I use in small settings and on jazz/folk/country tunes. Awesome thump and short sustain for a very acoustic like tone. Also lessens the finger noise and the piezo "quack" on this guitar. Actually used the B string on my EB Ray 35. The groundwound B string I had on it sounded horrible and the GHS tapewound was a big improvement there as well ... very pleased ...
By Andy
GHS tapewound 34'' 5 string
July 25, 2011
Great strings! My only negative comment is that the E string (0.105") was 1/2" shorter from the ball to the silk than the other four strings. This string barely made it to the centre of the nut. The other four strings are the perfect length.
By Joe G.
black tape wound strings
April 4, 2011
Need I say more?
By Bionic B.
Black Nylon
March 30, 2011
This is the second set of these strings I have bought, Only because I bought another bass. Meaning the first set are still on my other bass. The texture/tone that you get from these strings is incredible, response, sustain, punch, it's all there. Just dial in the guitar and the amp and you can get anything you need. Very responsive to touch similar to a stand up bass in the response to touch. You can "play" these strings. The older they get the better they get, the oil from your fingers reacts favorably. If there is something better out there I haven't heard it yet.
By Fretlessguy
GHS Tapewound 5 String set.
November 27, 2010
These were purchased to be used on my 5 string fretless Carvin Bolt bass. After installing them and intonating them, I played them a bit and actually recorded with them the following day. The strings are really balanced from the G to E strings, but like one of the other reviews said, the B seemed lacking. The good thing about it is it doesn't over power the others.
The strings have a thick bottom end on them, although you can get decent highs out of them. The finish is smooth, and they have less tension than the LaBella set and more than the Fender set. They even have a little mwah on my fretless bass. Surprisingly (for tapes especially) they have decent sustain.
If GHS works on refining the B string, it could be a 5 star set.
By Mack
GHS-3060-5 Bass Strings
January 30, 2010
I have used these string before and I am generally pleased with them. However, i am having a problem with the low-B string. I do not know at this point if it's the string or something else - but the volumn of the low-B string is a lot less than the rest of the strings. Almost like the string is dead. I purchased 2 sets this last time and the set i put on my other bass works fine. I am a bit concerned.
By Sheldon N.
GHS Black Nylon Tapewound (5-string)
November 12, 2009
Bought these for my Michael Kelly Dragonfly 5 fretless bass. Aside from the usual length trimming, I had to strip the nylon and silk winding from the ends of the B and E strings (did it for the A string too, but not necessary). The strings are smooth (playing and sounding). Once you get used to the extra bit of thickness, playing is easy. Very easy on the fingers compared to roundwound strings. It should save my fretboard, which has a beautiful vine and dragonfly pattern.
GHS Electric Bass Black Nylon Tapewound 5-String, .050 - .130, 3060
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