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Fodera Electric Bass Guitar Strings

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“Great strings, good tension across all strings, very musical with great clarity and response. At last a string that meets all my criteria,” reports a satisfied Fodera bass guitar string customer (45105).

Fodera bass guitar strings have been developed and refined by working musicians/stringmakers and in collaboration with world renown bass players. All their strings are made in very small batches by hand controlled, compression winding, and are known for their long life, tonal equilibrium and uniform tension. Fodera stringmakers make strings with a balanced tone across the entire tonal spectrum of each set with medium, overall string tension. Round cores give these strings adaptability to different playing styles and brightness, and the carefully controlled, compression winding give them uniform tension and a smooth touch. All Fodera strings are made in the United States. 4, 5 and 6-string sets of both steel and nickel plated steel on round cores are available, including Anthony Jackson and Victor Wooten Signature sets.

The 4-string series is comprised of ten sets in both stainless steel and nickel plated steel wound in gauges from light to heavy. “These Fodera strings blew me away. They have the perfect amount of punch and clarity to them, not to mention great feel and resonance,” says a 45105N set player. Other 4-string set players say these strings have “just the right amount of grip or tooth” and “give excellent tension and tone with a crisp growl for the full harmonic range.”

“Effortless playing, great tone and last forever!” says a 5-string player of the 45125TXLN set. 5-string sets are available in sixteen different gauges from light to heavy, again in stainless steel or nickel plated steel. Six sets have a tapered B string. A customer who builds high end basses reports that he uses Fodera strings on all his basses, and most of his clients have switched too.

Nineteen sets offer 6-strings in gauges from light to heavy in both nickel plated or stainless steel wound. Eight 6-string sets have a tapered B string, and two are extra long scale. A number of 6-string customers call Fodera their favorite string brand and extol their excellent tone, smoothness of play and superior longevity.

Three Signature sets are available in custom gauges developed in conjunction with Victor Wooten and Anthony Jackson. The Anthony Jackson, 6-string set is the only Fodera set with exposed cores and is extra long scale. A customer of this set notes, “The tension is perfect for fingerstyle and slap. The tone is bright and punchy, but not so bright that it's overly harsh. I normally used tapered core strings on the low B, but this was the first I'd ever seen or heard of just having bare core at the saddle on all the strings. Seems odd at first, but once you adjust the action and get them set up they really come alive and respond to the dynamics of your touch perfectly.”

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