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Fodera Electric Bass Victor Wooten Signature Five String Nickel, .040 - .120, VW5N

Fodera Electric Bass Victor Wooten Signature Five String Nickel, .040 - .120, VW5N
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By Steve Y.
Great! but....
June 25, 2011
I have been using Fodera nickel 45130 ´s on my two Fodera five strings for a few years and love them. I recently upgraded the bridges on both basses which increased the string tension. I decided to try lighter strings. The VW strings are perfect on the B, E, and A srings but I find the D and G to be too light. I am getting more sustain and clarity from the bottom three strings but not enough punch from the top two. I am using the D and G strings from the 4530 set. I will have to contact Fodera and ask if they can sell me custom gauge sets. I wish I could get them through juststrings as the service is excellent!
By Bobby
Fodera bass strings
June 12, 2011
Not a lot to say here, these are nice strings. I've tried a multitude of strings and there are some nice feeling but these strings win my vote.
By J
Vic Wooten Sig Five
March 30, 2011
They were fine. I loved the 4 string version but it was not what I was looking for on my 5er. Just did not fit that bass.
By Stumpbass
Great Strings
November 29, 2010
Very balanced sounding and feeling. Complex midrange. Warm and perfect for fingerstyle playing. The B string isn't the greatest I've tried, but it pulls its weight. These sound great right out of the package; no break-in time required. I've been using them on my Carvin 5 with J-style pickups for 3-4 years and have been thoroughly satisfied.
By Neil
November 12, 2010
Great sounding and long lasting strings. I've hard a hard time finding light strings that still deliver warmth and punch. Found my solution.
By darell
Victor Wooten Fodera Signature Five String Nickel
May 12, 2010
Fodera Signature Five String Nickel are great strings. Beautiful brilliance in the sound on my bass. The only problem is that the E string is not long enough for my bass where the string is wound. It doesn't reach the nut on my bass. The B & E string on my bass are mounted from the rear of the body. Otherwise, there is no complaints. These are very good strings. Great for slapping and fingering.
By Craig p.
January 21, 2010
I love these strings. They cut through well in the mix. I am in a 4 piece blues band. They feel great too...easy on the fingers and very flexible.
By Seán H.
Excellent Strings!!
December 20, 2009
Let me preface this review with this comment: I usually am NOT impressed with signature model anything! My personal sound and choices aren't necessarily the same as Victor's or anyone else's. I'm going for my OWN sound. Although I love Victor's work, I want to sound like Seán Eric Harris, not Vic.

That being said: These strings are bloody hot hot hot!!!!

I'm pretty picky about my bass strings. I don't care for steel on my fingers, but love a lot of sizzle and upper frequencies in my sound. I also love a huge, solid fundamental. I find using LIGHTER, not heavier, strings gives me a clearer, deeper lows and clearer highs. My main axe is an old peavey cirrus 5, but I'm also playing a 5 string Warwick Masterman, a custom built 5 String Bruckwicki and a 6 string fretless F Bass. I string all my basses with only these strings except the 6, because they don't make them for 6's. I have to buy the 5 string set, and buy a sixth high C in nickel in a gauge that seems to be the closest match. Ugh.

If anyone talks to Vinny and Joey over at Fodera, ask them to start making these for 6 strings too!!
By Makkito
wooten bass strings.
October 15, 2009
I really like these bass strings, not because Mr.Wooten uses them!!!!

But I think, in my opinion they work better in a 4-string bass situation. I'm not getting the kick , I would normally get from a medium or heavier gauge.

They're great,but for me, I wish there was a medium gauge version.

The quality is very good. !!!!

Thanks a bunch, JustStrings Rocks. !!!
By Robby M.
40-120 Victor Wooten 5 string
September 4, 2009
I love these strings. I use them on my Larry Graham 5 String all the time. They have a great snap and feel great on my fingers and they're easy on the frets. If they're good enough for Victor, they're good enough for me!









1st G

Nickel Wound



2nd D

Nickel Wound



3rd A

Nickel Wound



4th E

Nickel Wound



5th B

Nickel Wound




"Fodera "Diamonds" are our series of handmade strings which we feel are the finest available. Modern technology and hand craftsmanship combine to produce the Diamond series trademark qualities of LONG LIFE, TONAL BALANCE, and UNIFORM TENSION. The E and Low B strings are tight yet fully responsive. Fodera "DIAMONDS" are made of the higest quality stainless steel music wire available. Wrap wire is compression wound by hand on a light round core under high, precisely controlled tension. This slow, painstaking process assures strings of lasting quality.

Fodera "DIAMONDS" are bright, smooth to the touch, extremely versatile, and as always, made by people who care!"

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