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Fodera Electric Bass Anthony Jackson Signature Stainless Open Core, .028 - .125

Fodera Electric Bass Anthony Jackson Signature Stainless Open Core, .028 - .125
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By lambasster
Nice strings
April 18, 2013
I found these to be excellent on my Modulus 6 string with EMG pickups. Having gone through 2 sets so far, I would say these are excellent in tone, feel and tension for my bass. My only issue with them is the sharp ends at the exposed cores near the bridge; I often play with a palm mute technique and have to be careful because the sharp ends scratch up my hands. It's not a major issue but was unnerving at first when I was trying to figure how to adjust to the small sharp spots.
By Peter D.
Fodera AJ sig. strings
September 1, 2011
Well, this was my first time in dealing with Just Strings and my first set of Fodera AJ signatures.

All I have to say is that I'm over the moon with both! The service and price from Just Strings was great and the strings... took a little to grow on me but man, has shed a whole new light on my 6.

Thanks JS for the great service!!
By Eric J.
Give me more ! 4/21/2011
April 22, 2011
These are the strings I've been looking for and the tone is unbelievable , for sure my Fodera A.J.6 is a great sounding bass , but when I installed the AJ open core strings and made small adjustment too the saddle, I now have a sound of a grand piano when I slap the strings and bending the strings in finger style playing sound great as well .
By Brad
Fodera AJ set
November 20, 2010
6 string, extra long scale, exposed core.
This set definitely isn't for everybody, but for me it seems to be a great fit. The tension is perfect for fingerstyle and slap. The tone is bright and punchy, but not so bright that it's overly harsh. I normally used tapered core strings on the low B, but this was the first I'd ever seen or heard of just having bare core at the saddle on all the strings. Seems odd at first, but once you adjust the action and get them set up they really come alive and respond to the dynamics of your touch perfectly.






1st C

Stainless Compressed Round



2nd G

Stainless Compressed Round



3rd D

Stainless Compressed Round



4th A

Stainless Compressed Round



5th E

Stainless Compressed Round



6th B

Stainless Compressed Round




"Fodera "Diamonds" are our series of handmade strings which we feel are the finest available. Modern technology and hand craftsmanship combine to produce the Diamond series trademark qualities of LONG LIFE, TONAL BALANCE, and UNIFORM TENSION. The E and Low B strings are tight yet fully responsive. Fodera "DIAMONDS" are made of the higest quality stainless steel music wire available. Wrap wire is compression wound by hand on a light round core under high, precisely controlled tension. This slow, painstaking process assures strings of lasting quality.

Fodera "DIAMONDS" are bright, smooth to the touch, extremely versatile, and as always, made by people who care!"

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