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Fender Electric Bass Guitar Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale 34 , .045 - .100, 9050L

Fender Electric Bass Guitar Stainless Steel Flatwound Long Scale 34 , .045 - .100, 9050L
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13 Reviews
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38% Recommend this product (5 of 13 responses)
By Danno
August 28, 2022
These strings rock! Punch, clarity, tone... great price too!
By Mike
New Britain, CT
Quick service and great sound.
July 14, 2022
These flats sound great on my Jag!
By Albert I.
Utica, NY
I love these strings!
September 10, 2021
They play like silk and sound great! I am very happy with them. Everyone who tries my bass is impressed. I only get my strings from just strings because the local stores won't get me what I want. I am fussy about my strings. Just strings delivers.
Playability, sound. Local stores don't carry them.
By Jeff
Sound great on p bass
May 27, 2021
Get your jamerson on ....
Deep rich tone
With medium tension
By mf5176
Port Jefferson Station, NY
Great Flatwounds!
September 1, 2020
I use these on a Fender P Bass & they sound fantastic, They are not crazy expensive either. Recommended!
By Einar
August 30, 2015
I´ve always played rounds, never fond of the doublebass thump sound.. But these strings are excellent , a nice fit for my jazz bass.
By Asphalt B.
Great Flatwounds
August 3, 2014
I've tried quite a few flatwounds and for myself, have found these to be most suitable to my playing style. I play with a light touch (with my right picking hand) and the higher tension works great for my groove playing. So, if you have a rather aggressive style of playing, a flatwound with lower tension would probably be a better fit.
By trj b.
average flat, good for the price
September 1, 2011
Fender flats have pretty high tension, not great tone but good thump, great flat for the price, if your just trying flats for the first this is a good string to get an idea of what flats are......Once you go flat you never go back. :-D
By Larry H.
Fender Flatwound Stainless Steel Bass Strings
December 25, 2010
Fender Electric Bass Guitar Stainless Steel Flat wound Long Scale 34 Strings have always served me very well. They are incredibly smooth and deliver a great deep and mellow bass tone, which is what a bass guitar is supposed to do.
Being the owner of several short and medium scale basses as well as long scales, my only wish would be to see Fender produce flatwound stainless steel light gauge short scale strings.
By John S.
Just OK
November 19, 2010
When I heard that Fender had changed their flats to a new design (I found the old 9050s unplayable, too high tension), which many fellow bassists compared favorably to D'Addario Chromes (possibly re-branded Chromes made for Fender), I thought I'd give them a shot on my MIM Jazz Bass, especially since the Fenders were significantly cheaper. My verdict is these ARE NOT Chromes. They are not terrible, just not great. Definitely not as smooth as Chromes, and a little brighter, not much different tonally from rounds, just minus the finger noise. If you are looking for something in this price range that will actually sound like flats, I'd recommend GHS Precision Flats. If you want the feel of flats, but a brighter sound, go with Chromes.
By S P.
Fender 9050L is a winner
October 21, 2010
I am a roundwound guy. Ever since 1976. I've tried every flat and ground and half there is. Always went back to rounds. These are the first flats I've ever liked. They have more harmonic content than D'addario; tighter attack than LaBella; more tone than the grounds/halfs. My custom bass has a pickup in the GD-segment of a "P" position, and it has a subdued growl that is very satisfying.

Can't wait for Fender to come out with the new "CL" set, which will be the same as this set, but a 105 in the bass instead of a 100, as I like a little more meat on the low E, and these will deliver. I may just now be a flats convert after over 35 years as a bassist.
By J C.
Great balance.
April 13, 2010
I just wanted to compliment Fender for picking these gauges on this set (9050L). Besides the E string which is a bit small for my tastes, this is a very balanced gauge set. Few string makers aim for balance like that. Thanks Fender!

You can get a rough idea of how balanced a string set will be if all of the strings are the same kind (brand, wrap, core, etc.) by multiplying the G string gauge by 4/3 and comparing the result against the D string gauge... etc. going to E or B. 45/60/80/107 is a perfectly balanced set according to this rule, and although there are always exceptions it really comes in handy.
By Kevin S.
Fender Bass Flatwound 9050L
October 2, 2009
I bought these strings for a new (new to me anyways) fretless Fender Jazz, because it just seemed right to but Fender strings on a Fender bass. I have a set of D'Addario flatwounds on an Aria bass for comparison, and when I play the two side-by-side I find the Fender strings have a 'crisper' sound. Though they are still softer than round or semi-round, the notes played with the Fender strings somehow seem more articulate than the D'Addario. The Fender strings didn't seem finished as smoothly as the D'Addarios out of the bag, but quickly polished up well with use. Also, to be more objective I tried switching the strings back and forth to make sure that it wasn't a difference in the instrument, and the D'Addario A-string has started to ravel after two changes.






1st G

Stainless Steel Flatwound



2nd D

Stainless Steel Flatwound



3rd A

Stainless Steel Flatwound



4th E

Stainless Steel Flatwound





Stainless Flatwounds 9050's


"The first electric basses were made by Fender and were equipped with flatwound strings to more closely resemble the sound of an upright "doghouse" bass. Today's Fender Flatwounds last longer but still give that fat, warm sound you need for jazz, country or … use your imagination. There's no rules here. Try a set."

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