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Fender Electric Bass Guitar Nickelplated Steel Taperwound Long Scale 34 , .045 - .110, 8250-OEM-M

Fender Electric Bass Guitar Nickelplated Steel Taperwound Long Scale 34 , .045 - .110, 8250-OEM-M
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By JIm
Great Sting
June 24, 2010
I've been using the 8250 taper wound strings for over 10 years now. They came stock on my 2000 American Deluxe Jazz, purchased new, when I retired my 62 P-Bass. I also use D'Addario when I want that top load vintage sound, but find that the 8250 is a much better string when setting intonation due to the round core. This round core lends itself to an even tone thereby allowing easier setting of intonation and has an even sound balance across all strings. They also seem to have a longer life in clarity, more so than the D'Addario, although, if vintage is what you are looking for in a more modern bass, then I would suggest the D'Addario, EXL165.

I have been playing for over 35 years now and have used many strings from classic Pure Nickel, various versions of Nickel Flat and Round Wounds to Stainless Steel and have found that for my money and for the best clarity/sound, the 8250 can't be beat.

At one time Fender made a top load version of the 8250 with the taper wound E but I'm not sure if they still do so. For those of you that do not have through body string capability, the 8250 will not work for you, sorry.

Hope this review helps you in your decision to purchase a string for clarity. Side note, using a Nickel string will lessen fret ware, more so than a Stainless Steel, therefore you will not need to re-crown your frets as often.
By Kagan B.
Great Strings
March 2, 2010
JustStrings.com sent me an email asking me to review my product. Everyone has a difference ear and therefore a different preference in strings. I love these strings and I use only them on my American Jazz. I am a through body stringer so the taperwound is great. While I don't have much to say about the strings (they speak more than enough for themselves) I will say this if you are looking to buy these strings, but them here and nowhere else unless it's a local shop you are supporting. Just strings.com rocks!
By Doug
Great Strings
February 23, 2010
The taper of the E was a little thicker than the steel taper one that came stock with my American Standard Jazz, but a simple tweak of the saddle height fixed that. Awesome tone.

Great price, and the absolute best customer service.
By M L.
Taperwound E .110
November 5, 2009
OK... I've been using these strings exclusively on my new Fender Jazz since I got it last year... nothing but the best for my baby! They've performed very well and have a great sound.

However, when the temperature went down into the thirties as of late my taperwound E .110 has broken three times at the taper. Twice while playing and the third while in transport. I would like to keep the .110 E but will not be using the taperwound anymore.
By Michael L.
Hard to find set; Great Price!
August 26, 2009
I don't know why most music stores do not stock this set of strings as it is the factory set for all American Deluxe Jazz basses. Guess it doesn't matter because they are $5.00 higher than Just Strings.com.
Great String... great price.






1st G

Nickelplated Steel



2nd D

Nickelplated Steel



3rd A

Nickelplated Steel



4th E

Nickelplated Steel Taperwound





OEM 8250's


"Looking for something a little different? Wound on a round core, these strings have a tapered winding on the E and B strings for easy intonation and a more balanced tone. The 8250 series is designed to fit Fender's strings-through-the body basses, while the 8255 series is designed for any long scale bass that is strung through the bridge. For great balance and tone, try the 8250's or 8255's and hear the difference!"


"Original equipment on Fender's new American Standard and Deluxe series of basses, the tapered winding on these sets allows more vibration to translate directly to the bridge, enhancing sustain and tone. While also improving intonation, the string may be set closer to the pickups resulting in a hotter signal. Our nickel-plated steel formula (same as our Super bass strings) assures the highest quality sound from your instrument. Offered in 4 or 5 string versions."

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