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Fender Electric Bass Guitar Nickelplated Steel Super Electric Bass Long Scale 34 , .040 - .100, 7250L

Fender Electric Bass Guitar Nickelplated Steel Super Electric Bass Long Scale 34 , .040 - .100, 7250L
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By Philip B.
Gonzales, LA
Great value - great service !
April 14, 2022
I have been using the Fender 7250L strings for many years, and use them on a variety of 4 string basses. Great performance on all, and I have also received consistent good service from Juststrings.com !
By John T.
Lawrence Ma.
The Right String
May 8, 2021
I have been playing since 1967.
I have tried many strings.
These just are The Right String at The Right Price.
They work with your hands and last a very long Time.

Tone,Cost and Long Lasting Not Today
By bungl
Ottawa, Canada
Great Quality for the price!
August 28, 2020
The Fender bass strings may not be the brightest or built with fancy technology but they do the job well. I have been using these strings on my Fender Precision bass for a while and I'm quite happy.
Good quality, great price None
By Majik
Almost piano like in sound - smooth and bright
March 1, 2020
Nice slinky light gauge 4 string bass strings. Easy on the ears as well as the fingers. Probably the best budget priced strings I have plucked in a long time. I like them better than EB Slinkys about the same gauge, but sound brighter and more pop when slapping. The price is the clincher for me. I can change strings more often and not hurt the wallet so much, lol.
Price! Color coded ball ends to ease stringing Bright and very playable None noted as yet.
By Ernie L.
December 4, 2014
"REPEATEDLY" Installed, removed, absolutely ABUSED then re-installed and they still sound like "NEW!!!!!"


"REPEATEDLY" Installed them, removed them, absolutely ABUSED them by using them to "file" a string nut, then, re-installed them to test the string nut...WOW! - They still sound like "NEW!!!!!"

These are now on my Yamaha RBX-170EW with EMG PJ Hz's, my Squier Vintage Modified 4-string and my Squier Vintage Modified 5-string with D'Addario XL NICKEL ROUND WOUND Single .028 Gauge "C" string.

I have, like many bassist, spent plenty of cash on "Bass-string Research" and have found that these Fender 7250 Nickel Plated Steel Bass Strings - 4 String Set are the very best value for the money, but the very best for delivering great "Like-New" sound quality long after they have been installed on my basses.

I used Rotosound for many years but in recent days, they have died after just a few uses leaving the strings lifeless. The tone of the Fender 7250 Nickel Plated Steel Bass Strings is bright, clean and clear and even across the string set without too much high-end shine with great sustain which adds to the dynamic responsiveness of these strings.

These Fender's feel is really nice because the balanced tension and consistent smoothness of these strings do not lead to early finger fatigue while in use.

***** 5 Stars! *****

- Ernie Leblanc, "Into the Bass!"
By dutchbass51
January 10, 2011
5 stars, great string for the buck !
By Chris J.
Re: Jazz Bass Pickups
September 21, 2010
The hum you're getting is just something many Fenders with single coil pickups (Jazz & P-Bass, Strats, Teles) do. It is the nature of the pickups to produce 60 cycle hum. Most people just roll the volume all the way down when not playing to reduce hum.
By Ken L.
What size 7250 bass strings did Fender install in the factory?
September 19, 2010
My 2002 (or 03) Fender Jazz Bass. My Fender Rumble 100 hums loudly if I move the Jazz Bass within four feet of it. I've adjusted the string heights to Spec. Could my pick-ups be at fault?

Thanks for your time.

I will render a review after I install my new set of 7250L.






1st G

Nickelplated Steel



2nd D

Nickelplated Steel



3rd A

Nickelplated Steel



4th E

Nickelplated Steel





Super Bass 7250's


"The "high-octane" nickel-plated steel strings for your bass. With a pure steel wrap, the magnets in your pickups use the whole string (not just the core) and transform the energy into high output bursts of sound. The nickel plating enhances feel and reduces "string squeak" and fret wear without compromising tone. We use them exclusively on our U.S. Vintage Series basses built in Corona, CA. Offered in 4-, 5- or 6- string versions, these are our most popular bass strings."

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