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Fender Electric Guitar Pure Nickel Ball End, .010 - .046, 150R

Fender Electric Guitar Pure Nickel Ball End, .010 - .046, 150R
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By Stan
Asheville NC
Great service, with a follow up phone call.
February 11, 2021
Very pleased to do business with a firm that leans forward in service, thanks.
By Dennis B.
Sodus, Michigan
Buy Strings
December 4, 2019
Wonderful company and Great communication . I would recommend this company to all musicians , And I DO!
By Gtrdancer1
Great for single coil strats or Hot Rod amps
May 28, 2014
I recently got a set of these strings for my '06 USA Fender Strat. It has a rosewood board, so it's already a bit warmer. But, my experience with single coils, regardless of fretboard wood, is that they can sometimes prove a bit too bright and snappy. Or overly 'squawky' with incredible overtones. Some people enjoy that, depending on the genre or playing style. All very fine. Everyone has their taste. I find that pure nickle, being a less hard and warmer sounding wrap wire, tones down that shrillness or harshness. Not to the point of deadness, however. It's a nice 'balance'. If one's amp is a 'darker' sounding amp, then maybe a brighter string is more appropriate. If you're playing through a Fender Deville or Hot Rod, try pure nickle and that "in your face" pick attack might mind it's manners .. if even just slightly. :) Pure nickle is often praised in the blues circles for it's warmth.. but I'm enjoying this set for improvisation on jazz rock styles, both rhythm and lead voicings. Also, I'm using a Marshall MG100 half stack. Ya, it's solid state, but I can't do tubes because of EMF w/o getting sick. So, that solid state sound can also have some thinness.. these strings also help compensate for that. Hope this helps. Give 'em a try. They might surprise you.. pleasantly. (I don't work for Fender and I'm not a paid endorser).
By Drew
Less tension!
March 13, 2014
I have used these for a long time (when they were made by Fender now D'Addario) and then switched to another brand because that brand (which I still also like) sounded great on a particular guitar. For that Strat-like guitar I tried MANY string gauges, and MANY brands, and what I found was these 10-46 have less tension that another brands. The other brands 10-46 were too tight for me, while all 9-42 were too loose, these feel somewhere in between, just right like the bear said. These always sounded great and are the only strings in 10-46 that now feel right to me. The tone is there and so is the feel. So I am back to these for 4 similar guitars. I always loved pure-nickel strings and I wish I never drifted away from them. I am going to put my order in to buy more of these and give away the many others I have which I will not be using.
By Michel P.
Fender 150 R
January 16, 2014
These pure nickel strings are by far the best strings when it comes to feel, lasting and price. I use them since décades and I love them.
By guitarmut
July 3, 2011
I use these for years. Great strings.
By Jarrod S.
Fender Pure Nickel Ball End 10-46
May 3, 2011
On a telecaster, I like these better than the other nickel strings I've tried.
By Lee J.
Fender 1550s
April 6, 2010
I've tried every brand known to man, and these sound the best, and last the longest.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Plain Steel



4th D

Pure Nickel



5th A

Pure Nickel



6th E

Pure Nickel





Original 150's, 1550's


'If you're trying to capture the original, vintage tone of pure nickel wound strings, string up a set of Original 150's. They're pure, Fender Tone through and through! And if you're looking for a set with a wound third string, try our 1550's. Available in a wide variety of gauges, Fender Original 150's delivery tone by the truckload."

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