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Fender Electric Guitar Strings

Find out about our Fender speed-e Tuner Special!

(Fender Strings are only available for shipment to addresses in the United States, U.S. Territories & Possessions, APO/FPO destinations and Canada.)
Fender electric guitar strings are available in several varieties. We carry Fender electric strings in their Original 150 pure nickel, Super 250 nickel plated steel, and Original Bullets pure nickel and Super Bullets nickel plated steel with Fender’s own special bullet ends.

Fender Original 150s Pure Nickel strings have a smooth feel and produce less finger noise than normal nickel plated steel strings. Original 150s have a rich, warm tone with lots of harmonics. They are suitable for blues, classic rock and jazz. Fender strings like the Fender Super 250s Nickel-Plated Steel strings have the both the high output of steel and the warm sound and smooth feel of nickel. They are suitable for rock and any other style of music where the guitar needs to cut through the mix.

Fender Strings’ patented bullet-end ensures that there is maximum contact between the end of the string and the bridge block. This makes for increased tuning stability and longer sustain. Fender Original Bullets Pure Nickel bullet-end strings feel smooth and eliminate excessive finger noise. They have a warm, rich tone with good harmonics. They are suitable for blues and classic rock as well as jazz. Fender Super Bullets Nickel-Plated Steel strings have the strong, high output of steel and the smoothness and warmth of nickel. They are great for any kind of music where the guitar must cut through and are an all around good choice.

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