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Fender Electric Bass Guitar Strings

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(Fender Strings are only available for shipment to addresses in the United States, U.S. Territories & Possessions, APO/FPO destinations and Canada.)

Fender makes a wide range of electric bass strings, as you would expect from the company that invented the electric bass.  We carry long scale Fender bass strings like 8250 Nickel Plated Steel Taperwounds, Fender 7250 Super Bass Nickel Plated Steel Roundwounds, Fender Black Nylon Tapewounds, Fender 7150 Pure Nickel Roundwounds, Fender 9050 Stainless Flatwounds and Fender 7350 Stainless Roundwound.  We also carry special Fender bass guitar strings like the 4250 and 5250 short scale sets. 

Fender 8250 nickel plated steel taperwound bass guitar strings are the same as the 7250 nickel plated steel, except with special taperwound E and B strings designed for optimum performance on modern Fender Basses.  They have good output and strong low end response. 7250s combine the powerful sound of steel with the smooth touch of nickel; they are suitable for funk, rock and any style of music in which the bassist needs to cut through the mix. The taperwound E and B help provide better sustain and intonation. 

Fender 7150 pure nickel roundwound strings have a warm, rich tone with good harmonics.  Fender Original Bass 7150s are suitable for blues, classic rock, jazz, and R&B. The 7150 are the original Fender bass string with smooth feel and vintage tone.  These Fender bass strings are made from premium materials with state of the art methods.  The 7150 is the same string players have always loved, now with better consistency and quality than before. 

Fender 7250 nickel plated steel roundwounds have a bright tone with good output and strong low end.  Fender Super 7250 bass guitar strings are well suited for funk, rock, and any style of music in which the bassist needs to be heard. Fender Super Bass 7250 strings have both the output and sound of stainless steel and the smoothness of nickel.   Super Bass 7250s are factory installed on most Fender US and Mexico basses.

Fender 7350 stainless steel roundwound have a bright aggressive tone with extra high output.  Fender Stainless Bass 7350 strings are well suited to hard rock, heavy metal and slap styles.  These Fender bass strings provide high output and strong midrange with deep low end and clear high-end. Their stainless steel construction gives them longer life.

Fender bass guitar strings like the Stainless 9050 Flatwound strings provide rich, warm, tones and low finger noise as well as longer life. They are well suited for country, Jazz, R&B and Reggae.  Fender® 9120M Nylon Tapewound strings give your bass a smooth, warm tone that some say is like an upright or double bass.

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