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Fat Beams

DR’s Fat Beams, stainless steel bass strings round wound on a round core, were developed with the help of Marcus Miller, the well known American composer, producer and bass player. Marcus Miller’s successful solo career has been complimented by his work with Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and Luther Vandross, among many others. He and DR technicians developed a stainless bass round wound on a round core string that delivers a “fatter, deeper, smoother” sound and a consistent feel from string to string and along the length of the string, while maintaining the flexibility of a round core string. Fat Beams are available in nine sets, including 4, 5, and 6-string sets and in light to medium gauges. “They're kind of the optimum hybrid string - with the deep gutsiness of stainless steel Lo-Riders, and the flexibility and smoothness of Hi-Beams - although Fat Beams may have just a bit more fundamental than either of the others,” explains a MM5-40 set player.
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