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Pirastro Eudoxa viola strings are one of the most popular gut strings available on the market. Pirastro has been designing and manufacturing strings for bowed instrument since 1766, and Eudoxa viola strings are expertly hand wound to produce a warm, mellow and traditional sound. The ideal viola strings for orchestral music and to complement older instruments, Eudoxa viola strings’ low tension allows the versatility of tonal manipulation required by professional violists. Eudoxa strings feature a traditional sheep gut core and is finely hand-wound to allow for the complexity of sound. The D string is silver-plated aluminum, the A string is aluminum, and the G and C strings have a pure silver winding. The silver winding provides sensitivity and creates dynamic overtones. Although Eudoxa viola strings have a slower response than their Pirastro Olive counterpart, many classically trained players prefer the warmer, well-balanced and diverse sound.
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