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Coated Slinky

Ernie Ball Titanium Reinforced Coated Electric Strings combine the latest technological advances in string manufacturing! All wound strings are treated with a micro-thin layer of an exclusive enamel that prevents decay and corrosion up to 5 times more than uncoated sets! In addition to treating the wound strings, Ernie Ball has taken it a step further by reinforcing the plain strings with a patented winding of titanium wire. TITANIUM'S inherent strength prevents string breakage, string slippage, and is proven to keep your strings in tune better than conventional plain strings. Ernie Ball Coated Slinkys maintain the feel and sound of uncoated sets, combining the added protection with the vibrant tone Ernie Ball customers have relied on for over 5 decades! Ernie Ball Titanium Reinforced Strings are a perfect match for those who experience prevalent string breakage.

(Ernie Ball Strings are only available for shipment to addresses in the United States, U.S. Territories & Possessions, and APO FPO destinations)

Ernie Ball Coated Slinky electric guitar strings utilize all of latest advances in string making technology. The nickel plated steel wound strings are coated with an ultra-thin layer of Ernie Ball’s special enamel which helps prevent corrosion. They will last up to five times as long as uncoated strings. Coated Slinky plain strings have their own special anti-rust plating and a patented winding of titanium wire at the ball end. Coated Slinky Ernie Ball guitar strings keep the tone and feel of regular guitar strings, with longer tone life provided by Ernie Ball’s special coating process.
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