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Elixir Acoustic Guitar Phosphor Bronze NanoWeb Coating, .012 - .053, 16052

Elixir Acoustic Guitar Phosphor Bronze NanoWeb Coating, .012 - .053, 16052
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By Steve
Tiffin, Ohio
Consistently excellent
May 8, 2022
Over the years and on quite a few guitars ranging from average to excellent quality, including two custom builds, I've tried a host string sets from different manufacturers. Some have a characteristic or two that I prefer over the same characteristic in Elixir Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb lights. However, overall I've found these strings to be my favorites. I now use them on my four flat tops, even on the custom dread that came with medium gauge strings. The slight reduction in volume and punch is more than overcome by the having the same feel on all the guitars and the shimmery, balanced tone the lights produce, The consistently high quality keeps me coming back to the Elixir PB Nanoweb lights.

Two other string sets deserve "close second" mention: D 'Addario EJ16 and Thomastik-Infeld Spectrum Sp111. Nonetheless, to my ears and my hands, the Elixirs come in first.

We all have different preferences for tone and feel, and some strings just sound better on a certain guitar, so experimenting with different sets and different manufacturers is not just enjoyable and interesting, it'll lead to the right strings for the player and the instrument.

By Michael S.
Fantastic sound
January 8, 2021
My favorite strings on my Taylor Beautiful tone
By Guy T.
Waterloo Il.
Elixir Phosphor Bronze NanoWeb
December 22, 2020
I love the sound of my Taylor 214CE I've tried other brands of strings, cheaper ones and more expensive one also. The Elixir is all I'll use to get the sound I want from my Taylor. Cant beat the quality of sound I get for the price!
By Peter F.
Baltimore, MD
Terrific acoustic guitar strings
December 21, 2020
I ordered Elixir strings, but they were back ordered. I had to wait a couple of months, but the company sent me my order as soon as they got them in. I have used Just Strings many times before, and they have always been very prompt. I’m sure the Covid pandemic caused the back order. I will use Just Strings again in the future.
By Bob
Excellent strings
September 1, 2020
For me, these strings hold up very well.
By Michael
The great wide west.
Superior strings.
May 1, 2020
Of all the strings I've used over the last 50 years, these Elixir strings produce the most consistent, balanced tone across all playing styles, especially when they're new. I suppose they ought to. They're the most expensive strings I've used. I'm not really sure if they retain that new string brightness for longer than other premium strings. I think they just start out better, degrade over time about the same as all strings, and so after a given period of time they're still relatively better than other strings.
By Bennett H.
Woodstock, NY
Excellent strings
November 9, 2019
These strings last a long time, have a rich bright sound, and are easier on my fingers than regular phospho bronze uncoated strings. I don't think I've ever had one break.
Long lasting, good sound Just like all other strings, G goes dead too soon
By john
, philidepia pa
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May 8, 2019
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By Dan W.
Very Good Tone..Great Playability
January 27, 2018
These really remind of Martin's "Flexcore" or "Professional" strings for tone, and that's a very good thing. They seem to be easier to play than the Martin's in terms of how they feel on the fingers and the 6 to 3 strings seeming thinner and consequently more playable. I like um! Now we'll see how long they last.
By Rick S.
Elixir Phosphor Bronze NanoWeb 16052
October 8, 2016
Excellent strings. Great tone, feel, and longevity. Breakage is eliminated. I use them on all my acoustics and my electrics. .012s. Excellent product.
By Cody
Great quality, fast shipping
May 22, 2012
Great quality and extremely fast shipping. Ordered late Thursday and received on Monday. Will definitely return to this site.

BTW thanks for the free guitar picks.
By Derek
Elixir Phosphor Lights
September 12, 2011
I was/am a die hard Martin Phosphor SP fan, but I got another guitar that had Elixirs from the factory. Was pretty impressed on this guitar, and they do last a long time. Note: the bass string are a little thinner, so they seem easier to play than typical lights. This wasn't a problem for dropped tunings on the Carbon guitar. Too early to tell about dropped tunings on the wood guitars.
I expect I'm about to become a full time convert to coated strings.
By James
Elixir Phosphor Bronze NanoWeb
August 5, 2011
These are my favorite acoustic strings. They stay bright sounding the entire lifespan.
By Ron S.
Elixire Phosphor Bronze Strings
July 30, 2011
I've been using them for years now on all my acoustic guitars. Long lasting and great tone.
By Norman
Elixir Acoustic Phosphor strings
July 24, 2011
These strings are easy to play and are holding up very well. Thanks to Just Strings for great service.
By glenn J.
Elixir Phosphor Bronze strings
May 18, 2011
I've been playing these strings for a few years, they out last and stay bright with great sustain better than any others I've tried. They are the only strings I use on the guitars I build too.
Simply wonderful!
By Brian
Elixir Acoustic Phosphor Bronze
April 13, 2011
Great strings, they stay in tune and last a lot longer than most, it not all, other brands. Worth the cost.
By Terry ).
Elixir NanoWeb Strings
February 23, 2011
These strings are awesome... they stay in tune, have great ring and response and really last.

I love the way these strings feel and they help my overall confidence. They are the best I have ever used and I have been playing guitar professionally since 1969!
By Andrew F.
Elixir acoustic Phosphor Bronze
February 9, 2011
I've only just become a recent convert to Elixir strings-how could any string feel smoother, sound better and last longer than any other? Hype? Nope. They do. And everyone who's heard my Martins agree. There might be more expensive strings, but nothing could out perform these. And many thanks to just strings-wonderful strings, the best price and excellent service. A guitar player couldn't ask for anything more.
By David
New Guitar Strings
January 17, 2011
Love these strings, seem to be easier on my fingers, and hold the tone well.
By Dan B.
Elixir Acoustic Strings
December 22, 2010
I love the feel of these strings, the phosphor bronze gives the strings a nice bright sound.
By Mike R.
Elixir Acoustic Guitar Phosphor Bronze NanoWeb Strings
October 23, 2010
I have used the above brand of strings exclusively for years. I find them both lively and long-lasting. I own several high-end Taylors, and these strings
seem to be made for my instruments. I'm sure there are more expensive strings available, but I can't think of a brand that exceeds Elixirs in quality.
By Jim
Elixir Acoustic Strings
October 8, 2010
Been using these for a few years now, love them, wouldn't use anything else.
By Rocky W.
September 21, 2010
Love the strangs, love the price, can't wait to order again. RockyWalker.com
By P-dawg
Elixir Phosphor bronze
August 30, 2010
Great strings. They have a different sound than Clapton's Choice. The thing I like most about them is their durability and longevity in terms of fresh sound. I also like the way they feel. It seems that the coating gives them a more user friendly feel
By Richard R.
Elixir Phospor Bronze
August 26, 2010
Best strings I have ever used on My Taylor Acoustic electric. Thanks for the great price and the swift shipping. I have put you all on My favorite`s list

THANKS Richard
By Gary B.
Elixir PB Nanoweb Strings
June 4, 2010
Best strings ever!
By Terry C.
These stay in tune!
April 26, 2010
I love the great sound of a guitar perfectly in tune. Playing 4 hour gigs is a real stress on the strings and they can start sounding like crap before the night is over.

Not these strings... they are bright, in tune and beautiful all night and the next night as well. They are worth the little extra they cost for the quality they deliver.
By Grant M.
elixir phosphor bronze strings
March 17, 2010
I hate changing strings as much as the next guy. The elixirs are great. I can go a few months now between changes.
By MartyL
December 29, 2009
My reservations about Elixir Nanowebs were resolved when they added these phosphor bronze strings. They are very long lasting, have a good sound and are low on 'skritch'. We use them on a Taylor 214e.






1st E

Anti-Rust Plain Steel



2nd B

Anti-Rust Plain Steel



3rd G

NanoWeb Coating



4th D

NanoWeb Coating



5th A

NanoWeb Coating



6th E

NanoWeb Coating






"Every time you play your guitar, tiny bits of you are left to invade the windings to contaminate your strings and kill your tone. Elixir Strings are the only strings that keep dirt out of the windings by coating the entire string. Our ultra-thin NANOWEB Coating provides a bright, lively tone that players tell us lasts longer than any other string, uncoated or coated. This means you buy fewer sets of strings, change them less often and trust your guitar is ready to go whenever you are.

Light Gauges: 012 016 024 032 042 053

Other Gauges Available Include:

Extra Light: 010 014 023 030 039 047

Custom Light: 011 015 022 032 042 052

Light-Medium: 012 016 024 035 045 056

Medium: 013 017 026 035 045 056

Single Strings available"

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