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Elixir Guitar Single Strings

The long-lasting exceptional tone of Elixir Strings is greatly valued by artists in all genres of music. This includes John Paul White (The Civil Wars), bluegrass player Chris Thile and jazz bassist Hussain Jiffry. We offer Elixir guitar single strings for electric and acoustic instruments. Elixir is especially known for their patented coating made from a fluoropolymer material. This special coating reduces debris such as skin oil that builds up on strings which can greatly compromise its tonal life. Of our Elixir acoustic guitar strings, the phosphor bronze strings with NanoWeb coating gives a rich, balanced tone. The PolyWeb coating provides a warmer and more played-in sound and can also reduce finger squeaking noise. The Elixir electric guitar strings are also available with NanoWeb or PolyWeb coating. These strings will give you the same power as traditional strings, but with increased tonal life so you won't have to change strings as often. We have gauges from .024 to .068 so you can design your own custom set that best complements your sound. You can also choose their anti-rust plain steel strings that use special plating which prevents corrosion and rust to extend the string's lifespan.
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