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Elixir Electric Guitar Strings

(Elixir Strings are only available for shipment to addresses in the United States, U.S. Territories & Possessions, APO/FPO destinations and Canada.)
“These strings really last, but with great tone and playability,” is a consistent assessment of Elixir’s electric guitar strings. Wound strings are coated after winding with either their original polyweb or the ultra thin nanoweb coating. Elixir sets also include plated, anti-rust plain strings that resist corrosion. All their strings last three to five times longer with these exclusive technologies. Eight electric guitar string sets are available from Elixir in gauges from super light to heavy.

The shielding Fluor polymer coating is applied to the wound strings after the winding process smoothing the string surface and helping to avoid buildup between the windings. This keeps the string surface cleaner and prevents corrosion and greatly extends the tone life of the string. For frequent players, the coating really lengthens the string life by protecting it from the environment - both humidity and finger oils. Customers also report that Elixir strings last longer in the case, so if you are not an everyday player, you can depend on their consistency over a longer period of time.

Elixir’s original, coated string, the PolyWeb, has a warm tone and a smooth, comfortable touch with less finger squeak. The NanoWeb coating is ultra thin, thinner than the Polyweb, and has the feel and tone of more traditional strings. OptiWeb Coating provides a natural feel.

Happy customers report, “After over forty years of guitar and bass gigging experience, I consider these strings to be the best that money can buy, period. No string ever lasted longer and felt better than these. The .009-.046 Custom Light set is about as perfect a balance as I have ever know” (12027), and “‘The Elixirs are always consistent. They are lively and last a very long time. They usually last about a year for me. I've never had a bad string from any of the sets I've purchased. They also have reduced finger noise from the coating. They don't oxidize like other strings” (12152). Another says, “Simply Brilliant!!!”

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