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Elixir Baritone Guitar Strings

(Elixir Strings are only available for shipment to addresses in the United States, U.S. Territories & Possessions, APO/FPO destinations and Canada.)
Elixir electric baritone guitar strings are available in .012 - .068 gauge. They are unique among electric baritone guitar string sets in that they have a plain third, like a set of standard tuning electric guitar strings. Some players prefer the tone and playability of a plain third over that of a wound third. The .012, .016, .022, .038, .052, .068 string gauges is well balanced for ease of playing.

Elixir strings are different from other strings. The special Elixir Nanoweb coating makes these baritone guitar strings last three to five times longer than regular baritone guitar strings. The extra longevity of this set lets you change strings less often so you need to buy strings less often.

Elixir baritone guitar strings are the only baritone guitar strings with a coating over the entire strings, not only on the wrap wire. According to Elixir this coating helps prevents corrosion and dirt from collecting on the string surface and from accumulating in the spaces in between the winding of the string. Elixir baritone guitar strings also feature Elixir’s special Anti-Rust Plain Steel strings. Elixir plain steel strings have a special plating that extends their life by three to five times when compared to non-plated plain steel strings.

Elixir baritone guitar strings are well suited for any electric baritone guitar. Elixir strings will let you get many hours of tone and playing time out of each.

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