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Complete sets are listed in the sections below. Individual Elixir strings can be found in the Elixir Guitar Single Strings section.

Elixir strings are available for the acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, banjo, baritone guitar, electric bass, electric guitar, mandolin, and resophonic guitar (Dobro).  Elixir guitar strings are unique because of their special coatings.  The coating makes them keep their tone for three to five times longer than regular guitar strings.  This long life lets you change your strings less often, which lets you buy strings less often.  The long life of Elixir strings ensures that your guitar is ready when you are ready to play.

These are the only strings with a coating that covers the whole string, instead of only the wrap wire. This process helps prevent corrosion from collecting on the surface of the string and from accumulating in the spaces between the winding of the string.  If you read an Elixir strings review, you’ll notice these features will make a difference in the way you play. 

There are two distinct types of Elixir guitar strings available: the original Polyweb Coating, and the Ultra-thin Nanoweb coating.  They both offer superior Elixir protection against wear, but have different tone and playing feel.  The original Polyweb Coating has a well balanced, smooth tone and feels very smooth, helping to enhance playing comfort and reduce finger noise.  The Ultra-thin Nanoweb coating preserves the clear tone and projection of uncoated strings, and feels more like traditional strings than the Polyweb.

With Elixir guitar strings you have choices.  You can choose either the Nanoweb Coating and have strings that feel and sound like uncoated strings: bright, lively, and with a coating so micro thin you hardly notice it, or you can choose the Polyweb Coating and have strings with balanced tone, smooth response, and a sound like broken in strings.  The choice is yours.

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