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Ernie Ball Bass Guitar - Roundwound 5-String Slinky, .040 - .125, 2824

Ernie Ball Bass Guitar - Roundwound 5-String Slinky,  .040 - .125, 2824
Ernie Ball
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By Adam
Great strings, consistent quality.
March 7, 2021
I moved to Australia 30 years ago from the UK, I used to use Rotosound roundwounds but these were hard to find here then so I switched to these, which are excellent. There are some fakes around on Ebay so watch out. I have 4 basses, all 5s, 1 fretless and 3 not, and use these on all of them to make the shifts easier - no problems. These are all Warwicks (2 Thumbs, a Streamer $$ and a Corvette $$), I use low action and GK rigs usually set flat on the EQ (sometimes I dip the treble), so I use the onboard preamp to adjust. So I am basically using timbre and that works well with these strings. I've been using them for years.
All good None
By Doug N.
Burlington NC
Best strings,
March 5, 2021
Great strings, great price, great service!
By Emre
Ernie Ball 5 -2824
February 14, 2011
Great sound Ernie Ball and long l?fe, my favorite strings....All the best from ?stanbul.
By Sammy
Ernie Ball 5-String Slinky .040-.125
March 11, 2010
If you own a 5-String stingray and use roundwounds or if you just own a 5-String and slap alot these are the strings for you. I put a set on my Spector Legend 5 and even with the low end EMG pickups it has an amazing slap tone with these strings. These strings will stay bright for a very very long time. Also, I agree completly with DB. The sound of these strings on a stingray is priceless. OVERALL fantastic string depending on what your using it for.
Ernie Ball 5 string Bass Slinkys
August 20, 2009
Owning a stock 5 string Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray, I have found that using the stock set that came on the bass from the factory, these strings, seem to work the best. After trying several different brands, including ones I used to swear by when I toured and played 4-5 nights a week, I could not find any other strings that seemed to stay bright, and clean as the Ernie Balls. The Sting Ray is finicky in the way that you can tell immediately the moment the strings go dead. Tuning the active electronics helps a bit, but nothing comes close to having bright sounding strings. The EB's maintained a bright tone even after several nights playing out and letting my daughter use my bass for her gigs too. Bass strings are an investment for most musicians, not something we can usually afford to change weekly like guitar players. The EB's work for me, and my bass likes them too.
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