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Ernie Ball Slinky Flatwound, .045 - .105, 2813

Ernie Ball Slinky Flatwound, .045 - .105, 2813
Ernie Ball
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By Rik
New York
Converted roundwound user
March 1, 2020
Long time "rounds" user wanted to find a flatwound that performs the same way but with a warmer tone, bingo!
By Chris
Ernie Ball Slinky Flatwounds
January 28, 2017
Okay, first of all, these do not sound exactly like your typical roundwounds. But, they are close. These are the only flatwound bass strings I have been able to tolerate the sound of over the course of the 40 or so years I've been playing. They seem to reintroduce at least some of the missing frequencies that make flats sound so dead to me.

So if I'm happy with roundwounds, why bother with these, you ask? Two reasons. First, there is no string noise at all. They are slick and super fast. I've always liked the feel of flats, but can't stand the sound of flats. The Slinky flatwounds cure that problem. Number two, I've had a set on my short scale bass for over six months now and they are still not dead. They don't sound like dead rounds or dead flats. Then again they don't sound like new strings either, but they still have enough zing in them for me to not change to one of the three sets I have waiting to replace them. I've never had any other string last nearly that long without dying. The closest has been D'Addario stainless steels, which I can get a couple of months out of.

Having said all that, I think a big factor is the bass you are putting them on. I have rounds on all my other basses, but Slinky flats on one bass, which happens to be my main bass and sounds great with them. My other basses sound okay with the Slinky flats, but not as good as that one. That bass is dual humbucking and really emphasizes the mids and high mids (which flats tend to kill). Works out great. Always super clear in the mix and never has scratchy high frequency finger noise. Slap style even sounds very convincing.

So, if you like the feel of flatwounds, but have never been able to stand the dead sound, try a set of these and see if they are a match for your bass and the sound you like. As I said, they are leaning toward a roundwound sound, but with less of the high end, ear-piercing scratchiness; they have zero string/finger noise and they feel great.
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